Speadsheet Files Mentioned in Table 2 of
Statistical Screening of System Dynamics Models

Under the heading Screening Analysis of the Sales Model
we say that

To find the top inputs, we export the 50 simulations to a spreadsheet template
designed to receive the values assigned to six uncertain inputs in the 50 simulations
with results for the key output saved in 20 time periods.
This is one of several templates (see Table 2) that may be downloaded from the authors' website.
 File Name Sensitivity Results for
 CC Template 6x50x20.xls  6 uncertain inputs; 50 runs; 20 save periods
 CC Template 6x50x40.xls  6 uncertain inputs; 50 runs; 40 save periods
 CC Template 14x50x40.xls  14 uncertain inputs; 50 runs; 40 save periods