Exercises for Modeling the Environment

Part 1. Introductory Modeling (extra exercises)

Chapter 1. Introduction (none)
Chapter 2. Software, Getting Started with Stella and Vensim (none)
Chapter 3. Stocks and Flows
Chapter 4. Accumulating the Flows
Chapter 5. Water Flows in the Mono Basin
Chapter 6. Equilibrium Diagrams
Chapter 7. S-Shaped Growth
Chapter 8. Epidemic Dynamics
Chapter 9. Information Feedback and Causal Loop Diagrams
Chapter 10. Homeostasis (none)
Chapter 11. Temperature Control on Daisyworld
Chapter 12. Hitting the Bulls Eye (none)

Part 2. Intermediate Modeling (extra exercises)
Chapter 13. The Modeling Process (none)
Chapter 14. Software: Further Progress with Stella and Vensim
Chapter 15. The Salmon in the Pacific Northwest
Chapter 16. Managing a Feebate Program (none)
Chapter 17. Modeling Pitfalls (none)
Chapter 18. Inroduction to Cyclical Behavior
Chapter 19. Cycles in Real-Estate Construction
Chapter 20. Cycles in Predator and Prey Populations
Chapter 21. The Overshoot of the Kaibab Deer Population (none)
Chapter 22. DDT in the Ocean (end of DDT chapter in 1st edition)
Chapter 23. CO2 in the Atmosphere (none)
Chapter 24. Concluding Perspective (none)

Additional Exercises

Agricultural Systems
: Pigs for the Ancestors, Pigs for the Market
--Anthropological Model -- Pigs for the Ancestors: Slash and Burn Gardening by the Tsembaga
--Commodity Production Cycle Models: Pigs for the Market
.......An Introductory Model of The Hog Cycle
......The Hog Industry with Conventional Producers and My Producers
......Stella model with Conventional Producers and My Producers

Cyclical Behavior in Business Systems
Chapter 19. Cycles in Real-Estate Construction
--Aluminum: Cycles in the Aluminum Smelting Industry
--Cycles in Supply Chains: Can We Replay the Beer Game?
....Exercises (see exercise 19.2, page 253 in the book)
....Beer Game Model 1
....Beer Game Model 2
....Beer Game Model 3

Global Modeling
--The Limits to Growth: the most widely read application of system dynamics

Individual Based Modeling
-- Let's Go for a Hike

Limnology: Accelerated Eutrophication in a Lake with N and P Limitations
--Model Description and Verification Exercises
----- Vensim model of the lake
----- Notes on the Stella model of the lake
----- Stella model of the lake
--Causal Loop Diagram Exercises
--Model Expansion to Include Dissolved Oxygen
----- Expanded Vensim model with Dissolved Oxygen

-- Warming of Water in a Glass

-- Body Temperature Control with Shivering

Population Ecology and Genetics
-- Model of a Field Grasshopper Population
-- Model of the Ragwort Plant and Its Seeds
-- Genetics: Industrial Melanism (populations of black and white moths)

Resource Economics
-- The Discovery and Production of Natural Gas

Wildlife Management
-- Deer Population Control with Bucks-Only Hunting

Water Resource Modeling
-- visit website for The Idagon river basin and models