Guide to Exercises: 1st Edition

The links in the 1st column take you to exercises that build on the exercises found in the book. Most of these are short exercises. They may be completed in routine assignments.   These are exercise collections in a variety of fields not covered in the book. Each collection has an introduction, a model and a mix of exercises for new students and for advanced students.   The short exercises are designed to be completed in routine class assignments.

The major exercises are more suitable for class projects.

 Chapter Additions

 Exercise Collections

 Short Exercises

Ch2. Stocks and Flows

Ch 3. Numerical Simulation

Ch 4. Mono Lake

Ch 5. Equilibrium Diagrams

Ch 6. S Shaped Growth

Ch 7. Causal Loop Diagrams

Ch 10. Intro to Material Flow

Ch 12. The Flow of DDT

Ch 14. The Tucannon Salmon

Ch 17. Intro to Oscillations

Ch 19. Aluminum Production

Ch 21. Climate on Daisyworld

Appendix Additions

Apx A. Units of Measurement

Apx C. Stella

Apx G. Spreadsheets

  Anthropology (The Tsembaga)

Epidemiology (Yellow Fever)

Genetics (Industrial Melanism)

Physics (water temperature)

Physiology (human shivering)

Resources (natural gas in the US)

Bucks Only Hunting

Grasshopper Population

Ragwort Plant and its Seeds

Let's Go for a Hike

Major Exercises

Rivers in the West:
The Idagon

Model Merger Exercise:
The Brine Shrimp of Mono Lake

Toward Global Equilibrium and
The Limits to Growth

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