Guide to Cases and Models

The links in the 1st column take you to extra information on three of the major cases used in the book.

Use these links if you wish to download some of the Stella models described in the book.


Water Flows in the Mono Basin
and the Water Supply for Los Angeles (chapter 4)

The Salmon Smolts Spring Migration (chapter 13)

The Life Cycle of the Tucannon Salmon (chapter 14)

The Kaibab Deer Herd (chapter 16)
  Equations for the DDT Models (chapter 12)

The Smolts Migration Model (chapter 13)

The Tucannon Harvest Manager (chapter 14)

The Feebate Management Model (chapter 20)

The Daisyworld Flight Simulator (chapter 21)

The Idagon Flight Simulators (appendix K)

If you don't have Stella, you may still experiment with these models using a free "run time version " of the software available at the High Performance Systems Website

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