The Value of Bulk Storage
on the Ontario Power System

The study was commissioned by NRStor, Inc of Toronto, Canada.
The goal was to obtain a better understanding of the value of using
advanced, compressed air energy storage on the Ontario Power System.

Background on NRStor, Inc and the use of storage are provided in the business press.
Background on the role of storage to support renewable electricity generation
is provided in a Dec 15, 2015 Video from the PBS News Hour.

The storage study is described in full detail in a June 2015 White Paper from NRStor Inc.
Portions of the White Paper are available below.

Unleasing the Value of Energy Storage

Title Page and Preface | Table of Contents

Selected Images of the
Modeling System | Ontario Power Results

Wind Integration | Value to Rate Payers | CO2 Results

Summaries of the
Modeling Process and the Value of Storage

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