Extra Background on the Salmon Smolts Migration

The smolts pages are under construction. When finished, they will supplement the chapter 13 description of the smolts and the their journey down the Snake and Columbia Rivers. For now, you may benefit from viewing the following maps and drawings depicting different parts of the system described in chapter 13.
  •  click here for an overview of the dams in the entire Columbia River Basin
  •  click here for a map of the 8 dams on the Snake and Columbia described in chapter 13
  • click here for a map emphasizing the storage reservoirs, the reservoirs that may be drawn down during the spring migration season to help speed the smolts' journey to the ocean
  •  click here for a drawing of the routes that the smolts may follow when they arrive at a dam
  •  click here for a drawing of the bypass channel around the dam
  •  click here for a depiction of the PIT tag that may be installed in smolts collected in the bypass system
  •  click here for a photo of a barge that may be used to transport smolts downriver

Each of these images was provided courtesy of the The US Army Corps of Engineers.