Extra Background on the Deer Herd of the Kaibab Plateau

The Kaibab pages are under construction. They will supplement the descriptions in chapter 16 (1st edition) and in chapter 21 (2nd edition).

Information on the Kaibab irruption is also provided at the teaching website by Chris Young at Alverno College in Miwaukee, Wisconsin.

You can learn by browsing the Visitors' Center of the Kaibab National Forest. The Forest is comprised of the three districts shown to the right. The Williams district is on highway 40 near the town of Williams. The Tusayan District is located north of Williams on the south side of the Grand Canyon. The North Kaibab District is located north of the Grand Canyon.

The map of the North Kaibab District shows more detail on the northern plateau.


maps provided
courtesy of the Kaibab National Forest