The Smolts Migration Model

The documentation in chapter 13 (1st edition) explains the main assumptions of the model, but you won't find enough information to allow you to build this model on your own.
That's why we provide the following versions of the model to be downloaded to your computer. The top layer of the model should resemble Figure 13.6 in the 1st edition.
(The only change is the "days in Snake reservoirs" slider. It now allows values from 8 to 20 days.
The low end of the range will be useful if you simulate a "major reduction" in travel times (see Table 13.2 in 1st edition).

for Macintosh Computers

for Windows Computers
The original Mac version is a 136 KB Stella file. It was constructed with Stella Research 5.0 and tested on a Quadra 610 with a 13" monitor. (The interface fits nicely on this monitor with the page setup at 60% print reduction). Aladin Systems' Stuffit was used to create a 36KB archive file which you may download to your computer. After the file is unstuffed, try the base case simulation. You should see 1.16 million smolts surviving the mirgration.

Click HERE to download the model.
  The smolts model is a 136 KB Stella File. It was construced with Stella Ver 5.0 and tested on an IBM ThinkPad with a 12" screen using Windows 95. The Winzip program was used to compress the file to 32KB. After the file is unzipped, try the base case simulation. It should show 1.16 million smolts surviving the migration.

Click HERE to down load the model.