Environmental Science 550: Grades

Your course grade will be based mainly on your performance on exams, assignments and the class project.
There will be several quizzes, and I will also value your contributions to class participation.
The relative importance of these areas is reflected in the following weights:

class project 25% | exams 30% | assignments 30% | quizzes 10% | participation 5%

The highlight of the course is your class project.
You will work in teams of two to improve an existing model,
one of the models from the book or the book's website.
And you submit a team report on the improvement.
Your job is to use the improved model to either refute or reinforce
the conclusions drawn by the previous investigator.

Most frequent advice (on grades) from previous students:

don't miss an assignment or a quiz because a zero really drags down your score
start early on the class project -- it's a lot harder than you think.

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