Environmental Science 550: Prerequisites

There are no prerequisite courses for Env Sci 550.

The course is open to ALL students at WSU; it's a systems course, so students from all fields will benefit.
The course meets the "quantitative skills" requirement for students earning the MS in Environmental Science.

Some students are concerned about their math background, especially if they found calculus to be difficult.
Rest assured -- you do not need to know calculus to take Env Sci 550.

However, I do assume you have learned introductory algebra and you have learned how to combine units of measurement.
It is useful to refresh your memory here, and Appendices A & B in the book will help your review.

Also, you do not need to know differential equations to take Env. Sci 550.
We won't use these classical techniques to build models.
We will make more progress by building the models on the computer using the stock and flow building blocks described in Chapter 3.
The computer will then find the dynamic behavior through numerical simulation, as explained in Chapter 4.

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