Andy Ford: Selected Publications

Modeling Support for National Park Planning:
Initial Results from Glacier National Park

The 30th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society, St. Gallen, Switzerland, July 23, 2012

July 2012

 Simulation Scenarios for Rapid Reduction
in Carbon Dioxide Emissions in the Western Electricity System

  Energy Policy

 Jan 2008

 Statistical Screening
of System Dynamics Models

 System Dynamics Review
(excell template files listed in Table 2)

 Winter 2005

 Models for Management of Wildlife Populations

System Dynamics Review

Summer 2004

 Special Issue on Environmental & Resource Systems

 System Dynamics Review

 Summer 2004

 Boom and Bust in Power Plant Construction:
Lessons from the California Electricity Crisis

 Journal of Industry,
Competition and Trade

 June 2002

System Dynamics and the Electric Power Industry

System Dynamics Review

Spring 1997

Testing the Snake River Explorer

System Dynamics Review

Winter 1996

Electric Vehicles and the Electric Utility Company

Energy Policy

July 1994

Estimating the Impact of Efficiency Standards
on the Uncertainty of the Northwest Electric System


July 1990

Bonneville's Conservation Policy Analysis Models

Energy Policy

April 1987

A New Look at Smaller Power Plants


Mar-June 1980

Which Policy Run is Best? and Who Says So?

TIMS Studies in Management Sciences