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 13  Typo in line 4: dynamics, not synamics  
 33 Chapter 4 opens by referring to Mono lake as one of the oldest continuously existing lakes in the world. It would be better to have said one of the oldest lakes in North America, as reported by the National Research Council (NRC 1987, p. 15). The NRC estimates that Mono Lake is around a half million years old. John Hart (1996, p. 8-9) describes the special conditions that must exist for a lake to survive for thousands of years. He comments that "If scientists can't document three million year's worth of lake in the Mono Basin, they are pretty sure, thanks to a datable volcanic spasm, about the last three-quarters of a million." Looking outside North America, the world's longest living lake might be Lake Baikal in southeastern Siberia, said to be 25 - 30 million years old, according to Living Lakes Partners.  
 44 Typo: The 5th entry for the multiplier in Table 4.2 should be 0.833, not 0.883

 chpt 4 exercises
 47 Typo in line 13: projects to improve the "model"  
 54  Typo: first line should say "dynamic" not "dunamic"  
 57  Spelling error in name of flow in lower left corner: "succession to small logs"  
  68 The "further readings" on page 68 mentions an interactive version of the market growth model to be found on the book's website. This work is still under construction.  
  81 Figure 7.19: The arrow from the "exit rate" to "departures" should be labeled with a +.  
 91  typo in first line after subheading: imperative that we expand our thinking  
 93  Figure 8.6. Two of the highlighted arrows leading into "absorbed radiation" have their labels in a confusing position. And the label on the arrow from "long wave abosrption" to "absorbed radiation" should be changed to match the previous figure.

to see the suggested improvements
and the correction
 119 Incorrect Figure: The same simulation results were used in Figures 11.3 nd 11.4

correct results for Figure 11.3
 120 Omission: The 2nd exercise in Chapter 11 describes Grant Lake as fed by Rush Creek flow. This question forgot to mention another inflow to the lake -- the flow from the Lee Vining Conduit

Mono Lake Case Info
(see hydrology, Sierra Gauged Runoff)
 141 Typo in top line of the final paragraph: the variable name is total daily mortality,
not total daily morality
 161  11th line after subheading: if a "nonlinear" relationship seems more realistic  
 189  line 21 should refer to the second model rather than the third model  
 191 The equilibrium value of the "standing biomass" in Figure 16.12 is 303,408 MT, not 303,480 MT. At this value, it would still be 76% of the maximum value.  
 205 spelling: "irruption" rather than "eruption" near top of page 205  
 326 8 lines below heading "Sensitivity Analysis": The variable name Bank Balance should be Human Population.  
 388 The (Ford 1994B) reference to the article on "Simulating the Controllability of Feebates" appeared in spring of 1995, not the spring of 1994  

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