Washington State University

Revised 7-99
Finance and Administration

Renting University Facilities, Equipment or Services

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Finance and Administration enters into agreements on behalf of WSU to provide services or to rent University facilities or space to non-University entities. University departments seeking to provide services or to rent University facilities or space to non-University entities should contact Finance and Administration.
Service Centers
Service centers may extend their services to the general public without contacting Finance and Administration if the following conditions exist.
See 30.15 for more information about service centers.
In most cases, the customer contacts the University department responsible for the services, equipment, or space. A department receiving a request discusses the request with Finance and Administration. If Finance and Administration determines that the proposed rental or service is appropriate, the department sends a memorandum to Finance and Administration requesting an agreement. The memorandum includes the following.
Requesting Memorandum
Include building names and room numbers.
Include descriptions and WSU inventory numbers.

NOTE: Some equipment obtained through sponsored agreements may not be rented. Check with Sponsored Programs Services prior to renting equipment acquired through a sponsored agreement.
Include the names of the positions involved and their rates of pay.

If a part of the request is covered by an approved service-center rate, describe those services or rentals and include the rates.

The responsible administrator approves the memorandum before it is sent to Finance and Administration.

The Agreement
Finance and Administration:
Damage to University Premises or Equipment
Rental agreements are to include adequate protection for WSU in the event of loss of or damage to University facilities or equipment while in the renter's custody or control. The appropriate scope of such protection will vary depending on:
Contact Risk Management Services to determine what required protection measures are to be included in the rental agreement; telephone 509-335-6893.
Collecting the Rent
General Accounting prepares invoices for the charges and University Receivables sends statements for the invoiced charges.
Disposition of Revenue
Controller's Office personnel determine the disposition of revenue.

Revenue may be:
Route an Inventory Control Report (WSU 1033) to Property Inventory whenever an equipment item is physically relocated off campus. See 20.50.

The department chair of the responsible WSU department ensures that the equipment is returned at the conclusion of the rental period. A second Inventory Control Report is routed upon return of the item.