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Revised 8-94
Reviewed 9-06
Scholarship Services

Departmental Scholarships

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University departments are responsible for processing scholarships (i.e., any funds distributed to students other than wages) through the Office of Scholarship Services.


Federal statutes require that such monies be considered a portion of a student's total financial aid package.

Departmental Awards

University departments award scholarships to students in accordance with the requirements of this section.

Supporting Accounts

Departmental scholarships are supported by donated funds in program 17A. A scholarship may be supported by a dedicated scholarship account or by a departmental or college discretionary account. Disbursement of scholarship money must be in accordance with the terms of the Establishment of Fund document for the account. See 30.75 for more information.

Scholarship Management

University departments manage departmental scholarships. The responsible department ensures that the scholarship is appropriately authorized. Within the limits of the Establishment of Fund, the department also sets scholarship priorities and determines the amount of each scholarship.


A University department completes and routes a Departmental Scholarship Authorization form to authorize disbursement of scholarship monies.

Obtain blank copies of the form by completed and/or printing the master on 30.90.4.

Form Completion

The explanation below provides completion information for certain form sections. Most form sections are self-explanatory.

Scholarship Name

Enter the scholarship name exactly the way it appears on the documentation establishing the scholarship. Contact the WSU Foundation's Finance and Gift Accounting division for exact wording; telephone 335-1686.

Award Semesters

Indicate by semester how the scholarship is to be distributed.

Special Instructions

Part-Time or Not Enrolled

If the recipient is not enrolled or is enrolled for less than 12 credit hours, so indicate in Special Instructions. Generally, scholarship funds are not credited to a potential recipient's account if that person is enrolled for less than 12 credit hours.

If the recipient is not enrolled, indicate the recipient's current mailing address in Special Instructions.

Revision Forms

Provide an explanation in Special Instructions if this form is a revision of or supersedes a previous authorization for the same recipient for the same semester.

Expenditure Authority

The form must be signed by an employee who has been approved to authorize expenditures supported by the indicated account (Budget-Project). See 70.02.


Currently Enrolled Students

If the recipient is a currently enrolled student, route the form to Scholarship Services at mail code 1069.

Recipient Not Enrolled

If the recipient is not currently enrolled, route the form to WSU Foundation-Finance and Gift Accounting at mail code 1927. Finance and Gift Accounting reviews the Establishment of Fund document for the supporting account to ensure that the fund disbursement is appropriate.


If the scholarship is to be distributed during fall semester schedule pickup, submit the completed and authorized form to Scholarship Services prior to July 1. Submit forms for spring semester awards by December 15.


Student Scholarships

Scholarship funds are credited to a student's University account after any necessary adjustments are made to the student's financial aid.

After amounts owed the University on the student's account are deducted, Student Accounts generates a check. (NOTE: A student may owe the University for tuition, fees, short-term loans, fines, housing and food, or other charges.)

Check Distribution

Departments may not pick up scholarship checks. Checks are distributed as follows.

WSU Pullman Students

Students enrolled at WSU Pullman pick up scholarship checks at the Student Accounts window in French Administration 342. Student Accounts issues checks during schedule pickup or on the scheduled check release date.

Other Students

Student Accounts mails scholarship checks for students enrolled at other WSU campuses to that campus for distribution.

Other Recipients

Accounts Payable mails checks to recipients who are not enrolled. (Enter the recipient's mailing address in Special Instructions.)

Ceremonial Presentations

Departments wishing to make awards at banquets or other functions should prepare ceremonial certificates or facsimile presentation checks to give to recipients.

See the PDF form:
30.90.4: Departmental Scholarship Authorization
Complete and/or print as needed