Washington State University

Revised 4-07
Office of Grant and Research Development

Proposal Processing and Development

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WSU investigators seeking extramural support must obtain approval from the following officers prior to submitting a proposal to the Office of Grant and Research Development (OGRD):

It is essential that University endorsement be obtained before submittal since a proposal is preliminary to a grant, contract, or other agreement which obligates WSU facilities, equipment and personnel.

This policy applies to requests for support for research, training, education and other scholarly activities funded through sponsored programs (11-14).

All proposed project activities must conform to University policy.

OGRD Coordination

OGRD reviews the proposed application, coordinates University endorsement, and sends the proposal to the external funding source.

OGRD coordinates the proposal review and approval process. All written contacts with extramural funding sources are transmitted or approved by OGRD.

REX Form

Investigators complete a Request for Approval of Application for Extramural Support (REX) form which is routed with the proposal through the indicated review chain. Obtain copies of the REX form from OGRD or by downloading automated versions of the form from the OGRD Forms web site at:



Forward the REX form and proposal to OGRD at least one week prior to the sponsor's postmark deadline.

Proposals submitted to OGRD fewer than five working days before a sponsor's postmark deadline are processed as rapidly as possible; meeting a deadline cannot be guaranteed in such cases.


Investigators in all disciplines who are searching for a funding source are encouraged to sign up to receive e-mail funding alerts from the University subscription to the Community of Science (COS) database at:


Funding sources may be private or public.

OGRD personnel are available to assist investigators with completing the online registration for the COS funding database resource.

The Office of Research also offers additional assistance to investigators through the Faculty Development Series (FDS). The FDS is a broad curriculum designed to educate WSU faculty in many aspects of successful proposal development and sponsored project management. For more information regarding the FDS, select the Faculty Development Series link on the OGRD website at:



The investigator determines the most appropriate funding source and prepares a proposal in accordance with the sponsor's guidelines.

OGRD personnel are available to assist investigators in proposal preparation.

A principal investigator may wish to check with OGRD before writing the proposal to verify appropriate proposal format. What is appropriate style for submittal to a federal agency may be unacceptable for a private foundation.

Memorandum 1 and Memorandum 2

OGRD Memorandum 1 and OGRD Memorandum 2 provide information regarding proposal preparation and necessary procedures to follow to obtain institutional (WSU) endorsement. Investigators should obtain current copies from the OGRD Policies and Guidelines website at:


Budget Approval

The investigator obtains approval of the proposal's budget from the OGRD Grant and Contract Coordinator or a budget-certified individual within his or her department, unit, college, or campus before routing the REX form and proposal through the review chain.

Private Sponsors

Some sponsors have regulations requiring that proposals be submitted only by institutions that comply with tax code 26 USC 501(c)(3). While WSU has a similar status, the University is not a 501(c)(3) institution. Also, the WSU Foundation serves as the primary contact for some private sponsors.

If the sponsor requires the requesting institution to have 501(c)(3) status or if the sponsor relies upon the WSU Foundation as the primary contact, OGRD routes the proposal to the WSU Foundation for submission. For additional information regarding private sponsors that fall into these categories, review the OGRD WSU/WSUF Private Grant Sponsors webpage at:


REX Form

A completed REX form accompanies all proposals submitted for institutional review and approval.

The form is for WSU use only. It provides OGRD and other WSU personnel with a concise summary of the proposal, including the budget, names of all investigators, special considerations, and an abstract of the proposed work.

Completing the REX Form

The investigator completes the form according to directions indicated in OGRD Memorandum 1 and OGRD Memorandum 2. Investigators may obtain current copies from the OGRD Policies and Guidelines website at:



The REX form and proposal are routed through the review chain and signatures obtained from administrators indicated on the form.

Proposals involving multiple colleges, departments or programs must be reviewed and approved by each unit's administrator (dean, chair, research director, chancellor).