Washington State University

Revised 6-03
Payroll Services

Direct Pay Deposit

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A WSU employee may authorize Payroll to deposit his or her paycheck in any U.S. bank which is a member of an automated clearing house.


Direct deposit has the following advantages:

Employee Procedures

Complete a Direct Deposit Authorization form which is available at the Payroll Services in French Administration 236 or from the Payroll Services web site at:


Select Quick Links, then
Select Direct Deposit

Submit the completed Direct Deposit Authorization and a bank deposit ticket or a voided check to Payroll Services.

NOTE: A bank deposit ticket is usually found in the back of the employee's checkbook.


Earnings Statement

After the direct deposit process is in place, Payroll Services posts earnings statements for the employee on the secure Web PBS (Payroll and Benefits Services) site. To view earnings statements, go to:


Select Web PBS

An employee who does not have a personal computer at their work station may access earning statements at any WSU InfoNet Kiosk or personal computer capable of supporting secured transactions.

Credit Employee's Account

On each pay day, the employee's bank credits the amount of the employee's pay to the designated account.

Direct deposit continues until the employee gives Payroll Services written notice to change the account, to discontinue the direct deposit, or to make any other changes in the service.

Scheduled LWOP After a scheduled leave without pay, academic and cyclic-year employees do not have to reauthorize direct deposit to continue the process.

Employees Who Receive Paychecks

Employees who do not authorize direct deposit receive paychecks at the mailing addresses recorded in the University Name and Address File. The post office does not forward paychecks.

Make address changes by using the Address and Telephone Maintenance Service (ATMS) available at any WSU InfoNet Kiosk or personal computer capable of supporting secured transactions. See 90.70.