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Revised 10-13
Human Resource Services

Position Action / Position Review Request

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A department uses a Position Action/Position Review Request (PRR) form to create, abolish, or modify a position and/or its assignment of accounts.

The department may also use the form to request a position audit by Human Resource Services (HRS). Refer to 60.02 for position review request procedures.



The department routes the Position Action/PRR with any attachments to the area administrator.

Make a control copy, if desired.


Each Position Action must be approved by the dean, finance officer, equivalent administrator, or designee of the academic or administrative area.

After approval, the area administrator forwards the form with all attachments to HRS.

Make a control copy, if desired.


After receiving the Position Action, HRS does the following:

Return Copies

HRS usually does not return copies to the office of the area administrator or dean after processing the Position Action/PRR. Departmental personnel may review requested actions by accessing HEPPS.


Creating a Position

The originating department completes a Position Action/PRR to create a civil service, collective bargaining unit, administrative professional, faculty, or graduate assistant position.

See 60.25 for definitions of these employee types.

NOTE: If the new position is intended to be an administrative professional or civil service position, check the PRR box and refer to 60.02. HRS audits such position and establishes a "skeletal" position, pending audit results.

If the intended new position is covered by a collective bargaining unit agreement, do not check the PRR box. See the applicable collective bargaining unit agreement for position review procedures. Contact HRS for assistance.

Before Change

Leave the section of the form titled Position Configuration Before Change blank.

After Change

Specify all proposed attributes of the new position under Proposed Position Configuration After Change.

Abolishing a Position

Originating Department

The originating department completes and submits a Position Action/PRR for all employee types.

Layoff or Discontinuation of Appointment

If the position being abolished is currently occupied, the department must follow proper layoff or discontinuation procedures. See 60.37, the Administrative Professional Handbook, and the Faculty Manual. Contact HRS for assistance.

Notify HRS well in advance if there is possibility of a layoff.

Occupied Civil Service, Bargaining Unit, or AP Position

For an occupied civil service, collective bargaining unit, or administrative professional position, HRS does not process the form until the employee's appointment is ended.

Modifying a Position or Assignment of Accounts

The originating department completes and submits a Position Action/PRR for all employee types.


If the change is a reclassification of a civil service or administrative professional position, the PRR information is required. See 60.02.

Reduction of FTE

If the FTE or term of an occupied position is being reduced, a layoff may occur. Refer to Abolishing a Position above.



Refer questions about completing the form to HRS.

Form Versions

To obtain Position Action/PRR forms, departments may choose from the following three versions:


Type or print the form. All data must be legible.

See the PDF version of 58.02.4, 58.02.6, 58.02.8, and 58.02.9 for examples.


Check the PRR box at the top of the form if the requested action creates, reactivates, reclassifies, abolishes, or reduces a civil service or administrative professional position.

NOTE: If the requested action creates, reactivates, reclassified, abolishes, or reduces a position which is covered by a collective bargaining unit agreement, do not check the PRR box. See the applicable collective bargaining unit agreement for position review procedures. Contact HRS for assistance.

Person to Contact (1), Phone No. (2)

Enter the name and telephone number of an employee who can answer questions about the position. If this space is blank, it is completed by the area office when the Position Action/PRR is reviewed.

E-Mail Address (3)

Enter the e-mail address assigned to the contact person if he or she actively uses e-mail.

Mail Code (4)

Enter the Mail Code of the contact person.

Position Number (5)

Enter Position Number if the position exists. The number can be found on a previous Position Action/PRR, in HEPPS, in Account Balances/Detail, or the department's Payroll Expenditure Audit Report.

New Position

If the Position Action/PRR creates a new position, leave the space blank. HRS enters this number on the form.

WSU Organization Name (6)

Enter department and area names.

File No. (7)

The File Number if for area use and provides the area with a reference number for the position. It is not required. HRS does not refer to this number. The following examples are suggested numbering systems.

By Position

Enter P (for Position Action/PRR), position number, fiscal year and ascending numerical count.

By Budget

Enter P (for Position Action/PRR), budget number, fiscal year and ascending numerical count.


By Position By Budget
P-123456-94-l P-2452-94-1
P-115345-94-2 P-2452-94-2
P-223405-94-3 P-2452-94-3

Posn Type

Enter G if this is a group position and the effort is greater than 100 percent. Otherwise, leave this space blank.

Tran Type and Control No.

These are internal control numbers entered by HRS.

Effective Date (8)

Enter the month, day and year that this action affects this position. If there is more than one account assignment date specified on the form, enter the earliest date.

If the position is to be audited, enter the requested effective date. The date may be changed by HRS as a result of the audit.

Types of Action (9)

Provide a brief explanation of the requested action, e.g., create new position, change base value, change assignment of accounts.

Position Location (10)

Leave this space blank if the position is located at WSU Pullman. Otherwise, enter the appropriate campus or other location name, e.g., WSU Vancouver, College of Nursing.

Date Prepared (11)

Enter date of preparation.

Position Begin Date (12)

Required for new positions. Leave blank for existing positions.

Position End Date (13)

Abolished Positions

Enter the last day the position is active if the position is being abolished.

Temporary Positions

Enter 12/31/49 if the position is temporarily funded.

Permanent Positions

Enter 99/99/99 if the position is permanently funded.

Reason for Action/Comments (14)

Explain the reason for the action or any comment which will assist in review and approval of this transaction.

Sponsored Programs

If the position is supported by an account in programs 11-14 (sponsored programs) enter social security numbers of associated employees.


If the PRR box at the top of the form is checked, indicate the reasons for establishing, abolishing, or reducing the position, e.g., reasons for lack of work or lack of funding for the position. Attach additional pages if necessary.

Position Configuration Before Change (15-27)

Complete this section of the form for existing positions. Enter the current position configuration as shown in HEPPS. Leave this section blank when creating new positions.

Position Home Area No. (15)

Enter the appropriate two-digit area code to indicate the home area of the position.

Position Home Dept. No. (16)

This is a four-digit code. Enter home department number which represents the home department of the position.

Perm./Temp. Position (17)

Enter the applicable current code:

P = permanent (permanently funded)
T = temporary (not permanently funded)

Title Description (18)

Enter the current position title (job class).

Position Identifying Description (19)

Enter the current identifier.

Generally, enter the name of the employee, last name first.

Title Code (20)

Enter the current Title Code (job class) for the position.

Position Term (21)

Enter the Position Term as a number of months, e.g., 9, 12.

Cycle Start Date (22)

Supply a position Cycle Start Date (month and day) if the basis of service is academic or cyclic. Enter the first date within a fiscal year that the cyclic year begins. NOTE: Twelve-month positions have a 07/01 cycle start date.

Full Time Monthly Base Rate (23)

Enter the current full-time monthly base rate for the position. Note: Base rate does not include differential or stipend amounts.

Position Allocation Percent (24)

Enter for permanently-funded positions only.

Enter the current percentage of the position supported by permanent funds with a numeric value such as 100.0000 or 50.0000. This figure is the sum of the Assignment Percentage, space 50, supported by permanent funds.

Monthly Allocation Amount (25)

Enter the current monthly position allocation for permanently-funded positions only.

To calculate this amount, multiply the Full Time Monthly Base Rate, space 23, times the Position Allocation %, space 24, and add any permanent stipend or differential.

Position Effort Percent (26)

Enter the current total assignment of this position with a numerical value, such as, 100.0000 or 50.0000. The Position Effort % may exceed the Position Allocation % but may not exceed 100% for nongroup positions.

Range/Step (27)

For civil service and collective bargaining unit positions enter the current applicable range and step.

Proposed Position Configuration After Change (28-40)

The same definitions apply to this section as described above in the Position Configuration Before Change section.

Complete only those boxes that are changing. For new positions, all boxes should be completed.

If box 32, the Position Identifying Description (name), is the only change, complete a Position Identifying Description Change form instead of the Position Action. See 58.04.

Assignment of Accounts (41-52)

Use a Position Action/PRR form to make permanent changes to account assignments.

Use an Expense Assignment Action form (see 58.03) to make temporary changes to account assignments that do not involve position changes.

Admin. Initials (41)

The area administrator or designee responsible for the assigned account initials the line if the account is not under the area indicated in space 28 (or space 15 if 28 is blank).

Account Area No. (42)

If the assigned account is not in the area indicated in space 28 (or space 15 if 28 is blank), indicate the account's area. Enter the appropriate two-digit area code to indicate the account's area.

Expense Type (43)

Enter one of the following three-letter codes.

Type Code
Expense Type Limitations
REG Annual (12-month positions) Not used for graduate assistants.
RGA Academic (9-month faculty positions only) Not used for graduate assistants.
RGC Cyclic (civil service, collective bargaining unit, AP, nonacademic faculty) Not used for graduate assistants.
R/T Graduate assistants (RA/TA/SA) Not used for graduate assistants.
SUM Summer session and summer appointments  
L/D Location differential  
S/D Shift differential  
ADR Added responsibility/Administrative stipend  
CHR Chair stipend  
S/S Special skills/Multi-lingual skills differential  
PER Perquisite  
CAI County additional income (Program 09A only)  

Spaces 44-48

Enter complete account coding even if there is no change. HRS uses this information to verify signature authority. If there arechanges in account coding, enter the current account code(s) with end dates(s), and the changes on additional lines with begin and end dates.

Differential Amount (49)

Complete this space for differential amounts and perquisite values, and stipends.

Assignment Percentage (50)

Enter the percent supported by the indicated account.

For permanently funded positions, the total of the current permanent Assignment Percentage must equal the Position Allocation Percent (space 24 if no change is proposed in the Position Allocation Percent or space 37 if a change is proposed in the Position Allocation Percent). EXAMPLE: If the Position Allocation Percent is 75.0000, then the permanent Assignment Percentage must total 75.0000.

For nongroup positions, the total of the current Assignment Percentage must equal the Position Effort Percent (space 26 if no change is proposed in the Position Effort Percent or space 39 if a change is proposed in the Position Effort Percent).

When changes occur to Assignment Percentage, allocation and expense assignments are affected.

Enter the numeric value, e.g., 100.0000 or 50.0000. Up to four decimal places may be used.

Assignment Begin Date (51)

Enter the first day the position is funded by this account.

NOTE: An interruption in the dates between assignments results in an interruption in pay for the employee appointed to the position.

Assignment End Date (52)

Permanently Funded Positions

Enter 99-99-99 if the assignment is permanent.

Temporarily Funded Positions

Enter the last date the position is funded by the specified account.

Abolished Positions

Enter the last day the assignment is active if a position is being abolished.

Signatures (53-55)

Enter the applicable administrators names. The administrators sign and date the form in the spaces provided.

Positions supported by sponsored accounts in programs 11-14 require the signature of the requestor, usually the principal investigator.




Create a new position (Skeletal Position Action/PRR)


Reclassification request


Change permanent budget assignment
Change demographic data


Create permanently-funded faculty position


Create temporarily-funded faculty position


Add partial shift differential


Multiple actions on one Position Action/PRR form
Change a position end date
Change position percent
Change position funding


Extending a position and changing funds


Permanently adding a Differential/Stipend


See the PDF form:
58.02.19: Position Action / Position Review Request
Complete and/or print as needed