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Revised 1-09
Position Control
335-9682 and 335-9187

Expense Assignment Action

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A department completes an Expense Assignment Action (EAA) form to make temporary changes or additions to a position's supporting accounts.

Use an EAA to make temporary changes to a position's funding. Use a Position Action form to make permanent changes to a position's funding (see 58.02).

The most common EAA transactions include:

The EAA may be used for other temporary changes.


An assignment's end date and the next assignment's begin date must be consecutive to avoid a possible interruption in the employee's pay.


Refer questions to Position Control in the Budget Office; telephone 335-9682.



The department routes the EAA with any attachments to the area appointing authority or appointing authority designee.

Make a control copy, if desired.


Each EAA must be approved by an appointing authority of the academic or administrative area or a designee of the appointing authority. See below.

After approval, the area administrator forwards the form with all attachments to Position Control.

Make a control copy, if desired.

Position Control

After receiving the EAA, Position Control does the following:

Return Copies

Position Control does not return copies to the office of the appointing authority after processing. Departmental personnel may review requested actions by accessing the AIS application DEPPS.

Personnel Actions

Position Control forwards any Personnel Action Forms routed with Expense Assignment Actions to the appropriate administrative office for processing.


Refer questions to Position Control in the Budget Office.


Automated Forms

Automated templates of the EAA are available from the Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms. Telephone 335-2005 for information. Use of the automated form template permits completion on a computer.

PDF Forms

See the PDF master on 58.03.11 to obtain copies of the form.

Complete onscreen and print, or print and type or legibly hand print the form.

EAA Completion

See the form examples in the PDF version of pages 58.08.3, 58.03.4, and 58.03.6.

Contact Person (1), Phone No. (2)

Enter the name and phone number of an employee who can answer questions about this position.

E-Mail ID (3)

If the contact uses electronic mail, enter her or his E-Mail ID.

Mail Code (4)

Enter the mail code of the contact person.

File Number (5)

This box is for area use and is optional. See the instructions in 58.02 for the Position Action form for suggested coding.

Position Home Area No. (6)

This is a two-digit code.

Date Prepared (7)

Enter the date the form is prepared.

Organization Name (8)

Enter both area and department names.

Control Number

This number is entered by Position Control.

Position Identifying Description (9)

Enter the current position description, i.e., name. To change the description, mark the check box and enter the new description. If this is the only change to the position, complete a Position Identifying Description Change form instead of an EAA. See 58.04.

Position Number (10)

Enter the Position Number.

Find this number on a previous Position Action, EAA, Payroll Expenditure Audit Report, or through DEPPS online inquiry.

Incumbent WSU ID No. (11)

Enter the WSU ID number of the incumbent employee. If the affected position is occupied by multiple employees, enter "Group" in the field. If the position is vacant, enter "Vacant."

For group positions involving retroactive actions or supported by sponsored programs, enter the WSU ID numbers and names of the associated employees under Comments. See below.

Admin. Initials (12)

If accounts under more than one area support the position, each responsible administrator indicates approval of the applicable assignment information.

Account Area No. (13)

Enter the Area Number of the supporting account for each assignment.

Expense Type (14)

Enter one of the following three-letter codes.

Type Code

Expense Type

REG Annual (12-month positions) Not used for graduate assistants
RGA Academic (9-month faculty positions only) Not used for graduate assistants
RGC Cyclic Not used for graduate assistants
R/T Graduate assistants (RA/TA/SA)  
SUM Summer session and summer appointments Not used for graduate assistants
L/D Location differential  
S/D Shift differential  
ADR Added responsibility/Administrative stipend  
CHR Chair stipend  
S/S Special skills/Multilingual skills differential  
PER Perquisite  

Account Code (15-19)

Enter the full account code.

Differential Amount (20)

Enter the monthly amount(s) for the differential types such as shift, location, administrative stipend, chair, multilingual, or perquisite.

Shift Differential

For classified employees, the monthly shift differential is $113.10.

Assignment Percentage (21)

Complete this space for expense types REG, RGA, RGC, R/T, and SUM.

Enter the percent of the position to be funded by the account assignment. The assignment percent can be carried out to four decimal places, e.g., 033.3333 and 075.0000.

The total of the current expense Assignment Percentages must equal Position Effort Percent. EXCEPTION: The total of a group position's Position Effort Percent may be greater than 100 percent, however the sum of the Assignment Percentages must not exceed 100 percent.

Assignment Begin Date (22)

Enter the first day that the position is to be funded by the new account.

For existing accounts, this box can be left blank if the begin date is not changing. EXCEPTION: Enter the begin date of the existing account if a change is being made to another account that is effective prior to the existing account.

Assignment End Date (23)

Enter the last day the position is to be funded by the account.

For existing position assignments, refer to the online DEPPS application to verify begin and end dates.

Comments (24)

Use this space to describe any aspect of this action.

Sponsored Programs

If the position is supported by an account in programs 11-14 (sponsored programs), enter the WSU ID numbers and names of associated employees.

Retroactive Actions

Include justifications for retroactive assignments to sponsored projects.

If the retroactive assignment involves multiple employees, enter the WSU ID numbers and names of the associated employees.


Signature of Principal Investigator (25)

Enter the name and obtain the signature of the principal investigator for retroactive assignments supported by sponsored programs (11-14).

Signature of Appointing Authority (26)

Enter the name and obtain the signature of the area's appointing authority or the appointing authority designee. This approval is required to complete the transaction.

NOTE: Area appointing authorities must notify Position Control in writing of those individuals approved for signing these non-appointment-affecting actions. The Budget Office reserves the right to limit the number of designees authorized to sign position control documents.

Signature of Sponsored Programs Officer (27)

Position Control obtains this approval if necessary.

Signature of Other Administrator (28)

Other approvals may be required by administrative units.




Changing an account assignment from state funds to grant funds and changing the identifying description


Temporarily assigning an expense to a different account


Adding a temporary stipend (differential)


Justification for retroactive assignment on a sponsored program


See the PDF form:
58.03.11: Expense Assignment Action
Complete and/or print as needed