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Revised 4-15
Human Resource Services

Background Checks

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Employing departments obtain preemployment background checks regarding prospective employees in order to protect the interests of WSU students, employees, and the University. Employing officials (hiring managers) coordinate with Human Resource Services to use preemployment background checks to assist in the hiring decision process. The employing official may request verification of employment history, educational credentials, criminal history, and other information related to employment.


Employing departments may request background checks when considering individuals for University employment, both paid and volunteer.

Preemployment background checks may include, but are not limited to, the following:

NOTE: A conviction/criminal history record does not necessarily disqualify an individual from employment. The fact of arrest alone does not disqualify an individual from employment. An employing official should consult with Human Resource Service (HRS) prior to making an employment decision based upon a background check.

Some University units may have security needs in accordance with controls placed upon materials or information. Such units may require additional preemployment background checks beyond those described above or may implement additional screening tools, in conformance with University policies, or state or federal statutory requirements, policies, procedures, directives, or laws.


Supervision of Children or Vulnerable Adults

Background checks are required for positions with duties involving supervision, care, or treatment of children, vulnerable adults, or individuals with mental illness or developmental disabilities. (RCW 43.43.832)

Disclosure of Convictions

Washington State Child and Adult Abuse Information Law requires that employers ask applicants to disclose specific information about any convictions for crimes against persons, crimes relating to financial exploitation, and findings in related actions and proceedings, including certain civil proceedings. Conviction information must be disclosed before an applicant can be considered for employment in any position which may involve unsupervised access to children, developmentally disabled persons, or vulnerable adults as defined by the law. (RCW 43.43.830-.842)

Finances or Property

Background checks are strongly recommended for positions with duties involving confidential personnel or proprietary business information, accountability for or receipt of University funds, access to master keys, sensitive inventory items, or other items of value. (RCW 43.43.815)

Any Position

Employing officials may request preemployment background checks for any position vacancy prior to beginning the recruitment process or prior to extending an offer of employment.

Current Employees

Employing officials may request background checks on current employees when duties and responsibilities have significantly changed, or when required by law, contract, or agreement. Contact HRS for information.


Human Resource Service (HRS) offers a background check service. Contact HRS for details. See Additional Resources.

Language on Postings

Positions that are or may be subject to a background check should contain the following language on all job postings, notices of vacancy, and other vacancy announcements:

Finalist(s) for this position may be subject to a preemployment background check as a condition of employment.

Positions that require a background check (e.g., child care) should contain the following language on all job postings, notices of vacancy, and other vacancy announcements:

Finalist(s) for this position will be subject to a preemployment background check as a condition of employment.

Recruitment Processes

Appropriate recruitment processes for the employee type must be followed. Human Resource Services oversees the recruitment processes for all employee groups.

Refer to the following BPPM sections for employee recruitment and procedures:


The hiring department is responsible for all costs incurred by the background check process. The department submits an IRI to HRS at the time a position requiring a background check is posted. See 70.05. The IRI should include the position number for the position being posted. If more than one position needing a background check is being posted, all position numbers are included on the IRI. When the background check is complete, HRS reviews the IRI to ensure the department is charged the correct amount.

HRS Responsibilities

When the hiring department uses the HRS background check process, HRS is responsible for the following:

Offer of Employment

An offer of employment should not be extended until the background check process is completed. Employing officials must contact HRS prior to extending any offer that may be contingent upon satisfactory results of a background check.

Use of Information

Background check information is to be used for the purpose of evaluating applicants for employment only and is not to be used in a manner contrary to law or University policy.


An applicant may request a review of the background check decision by contacting HRS.


Along with the BPPM sections listed under Recruitment Processes, refer to the HRS website for additional guidelines regarding the recruitment processes for faculty, administrative professional, classified, and temporary/hourly positions: