Washington State University

Revised 8-09
Human Resource Services

Benefit Transfer for Previous State of Washington Employment

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A new WSU employee may transfer certain benefits in accordance with RCW 28A.310.240(f) if her or his former employer was:

The employment with the state must be continuous to allow the employee to transfer these benefits.

An intervening customary summer break in employment or a similar break in the performance of employment duties is not considered a break in service for benefit transfer purposes.


Employment by a state of Washington educational service district and a state of Washington school district is not considered to be state service. Employees may transfer accumulated leave from the educational service district or school district. However, such employees do not receive credit for state service.

Temporary employment, adjunct appointments, and graduate student assistantships are not considered previous state of Washington employment for purposes of this policy.


This policy and procedure applies to faculty, administrative professional employees, and civil service employees who are not covered by collective bargaining agreements.

Collective bargaining unit employees must refer to the appropriate agreement for benefit transfer information.


Human Resource Services (HRS) sends an Employment Record Request form to the previous employer requesting:

See the form on 60.19.4.

The previous employer reports employment and benefit information and forwards all original insurance applications to HRS.

Upon receiving the response from the previous employer, Human Resource Services advises the employing department of the employee's adjusted leave balances.

The employing department adjusts the leave balances on the employee's Time Report or Leave Report.


No Break in Service

If there is no break in service between the time the employee leaves the previous state of Washington employer and begins work at WSU, the following benefits are transferred:


The new WSU employee's seniority includes seniority from previous state employment.

Annual Leave and Sick Leave

The new employee's annual leave and sick leave balances transfer to WSU if the employee's position at WSU is otherwise eligible for leave.

Personal Holiday

The new employee's unused personal holiday transfers to WSU. See RCW 1.16.050 regarding use of personal holiday.


Former faculty and administrative professional personnel who are reemployed within three years of separation from state of Washington employment receive credit for accrued sick leave if the new position is eligible for sick leave.

Former state of Washington civil service employees who are reemployed within five years of separation receive credit for nonreimbursed accrued sick leave, if the new position is eligible for sick leave. See WAC 357-31-160.

Insurance and Retirement Benefits

Contact Human Resource Services for more information regarding transfer of insurance and retirement benefits; telephone 509-335-4521. See also below.

Medical and Dental Insurance

The employee's medical and dental group insurance carriers remain the same unless the employee's managed care plan is not available in the new county of residence.

Transfer employees also have the option of choosing a plan that was not available in the previous county of residence.

Life Insurance

Group term life insurance continues on the same basis. Transfer employees are not treated as new employees.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Long-term disability coverage continues on the same basis, i.e., the optional coverage and waiting period continues.


Generally, the type of employment at WSU determines the employee's retirement plan and whether the employee contributes to the Public Employee's Retirement System (PERS) or to the WSU Retirement Plan. Contact Human Resource Services for specific information; telephone 509-335-4521.

See the PDF form:
60.19.4: Employment Record Request
Complete and/or print as needed.