Washington State University

Revised 7-05
Human Resource Services

Employee Requests for Temporary Schedule Changes

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The University may accommodate employee requests for temporary schedule changes. (WAC 357-28-252 (3))


This policy applies to all civil service employees who are not covered by a bargaining agreement.

Collective bargaining unit employees are to refer to the applicable bargaining unit agreement for more information.

Request and Approval


An overtime-eligible employee may request a temporary schedule change. See the procedure below for documentation instructions. The employing official may approve the request, but is not required to do so.


An overtime-exempt employee is not required to document a schedule change after the employing official approves the request.

Time Period

A temporary schedule change may cover a period of up to forty hours during the same work week. An employee must make up all hours missed from his or her designated schedule during the same regular WSU work week.

The regular WSU work week runs from 12:01 a.m. Sunday to 12:00 midnight Saturday, unless otherwise officially designated.

Employees must use annual leave, leave without pay (LWOP), or compensatory time to cover missed hours not made up during the same work week.


To request a temporary schedule change, an overtime-eligible employee submits a completed Request for Temporary Schedule Change to her or his department for approval. See the PDF master form on 60.33.3.

The request must contain the following information:

An employing official is an administrative or supervisory employee designated by the appointing authority to exercise responsibility for requesting certification, interviewing eligible candidates, and recommending appointment of individuals to classified positions. (WAC 357-01-150) NOTE: Classified positions include civil service and collective bargaining unit positions.

The department attaches the completed form to the employee's Time Report for the appropriate month.

The department must enter "Temporary Schedule Change" in the Comments section of the employee's Time Report. See 60.60.

See the PDF master form:
60.33.3: Request for Temporary Schedule Change
Complete and/or print as needed