Washington State University

Revised 6-10
Human Resource Services

Leave Report for Overtime-Exempt Faculty and Administrative Professional Employees

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Faculty and administrative professional employees who are ineligible to earn overtime and who accumulate annual or sick leave are to document leave activity by completing and certifying Leave Reports as described in this section.

Contact Human Resource Services (HRS) to determine overtime eligibility status.

Do Not Submit Leave Report

The following categories of faculty and administrative professional employees do not complete Leave Reports:

For more information about leave procedures and rules for faculty and administrative professional employees, see 60.56, the Faculty Manual, and the Administrative Professional Handbook.

Monthly Report

The employee submits original Leave Reports each month to the employing department. The employing department retains each employee's official Leave Report file for the term of employment.

The Leave Report directs Payroll to modify pay when leave activity affects pay, e.g., leave without pay. If leave affects pay, submit the Leave Report in accordance with deadlines provided on the Payroll Documents Schedule issued by Payroll Services (see 55.04).


Unit administrators are responsible for ensuring leave is taken in accordance with policies included in 60.56, the Faculty Manual, or the Administrative Professional Handbook.

Supervisors may instruct employees to use leave earned while assigned to a project during the term of a sponsored project.

Reporting Forms

The department selects from the following reporting records to report leave hours earned and taken by overtime-ineligible faculty and administrative professional employees.

Paper Copy

Order paper copy Leave Report forms from University Stores (item number 3291). See 70.35 for University Stores ordering procedures.


Complete and/or print the Excel master as needed:

60.63.14-Win.xls (for Windows Excel 97-2003)
60.63.14-Win.xlsm (for Windows Excel 2007 and later)
60.63.14-Mac.xls (for Macintosh Excel 98-2004)
60.63.14-Mac.xlsm (for Macintosh Excel Excel 2008 and later)

Automated Template

An automated template of the Leave Report is available from the Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms. Use of the automated form template permits completion on a personal computer.

To access the automated template of the Leave Report, go to:


Alternate Leave Record

An alternate leave record may be substituted for the Leave Report if HRS approves the alternate leave record prior to department use.

HRS maintains a record of all units requesting and using alternate leave records. HRS also maintains a copy of the alternate leave record used by each requesting unit.

Previous State Employment

If a new WSU employee has previous Washington state employment, Human Resource Services requests leave information from the former state employer. Refer to 60.19.

More Than One Appointment

The home department prepares the Leave Report and retains the Leave Report file for each employee having more than one appointment. See 60.25 for an explanation of home department.


If an error is discovered after the Leave Report is distributed, make a correction and inform the employee of the change. The employee must sign the corrected Leave Report.

If an error is discovered after distribution:

Terminating Employment

Upon termination of employment, the department sends the employee's complete Leave Report file to Human Resource Services for audit. See 55.49.

Partial Hours

Report partial hours as decimal equivalents to two places, not fractions. (Refer to the table in 60.60 for decimal equivalents of minutes.)


Be sure that all copies are legible. The numbered instructions correspond to numbered sample form sections.

See the samples in the PDF version of 60.63.9-13.

WSU ID Number (1)

Enter the employee's WSU ID number on each Leave Report.

Name (2)

Enter the employee's name. The name on the Leave Report must match the name on the Payroll Expenditure Audit Report. Nicknames are not acceptable.

Faculty OR Administrative Professional (3)

Indicate the employee's type.

Percent FTE (4)

Indicate the percent of full-time employment. Percent FTE determines the monthly leave accrual and must be entered.

Month and Year (5)

Enter the month and year of the reported leave and leave accrual.

Employing Department (6)

Enter the employee's home department. If the employee has more than one employing department, identify one as the home department.

Mail Code (7)

Enter the mail code of the employee's home department.

Annual, Academic, or Summer (8)

Indicate the employee's appointment term.

Leave Hours Taken

Record leave hours taken under the appropriate days. Refer to 60.56, the Faculty Manual, and the Administrative Professional Handbook for a description of each leave type.

Annual Leave (9)

Enter the number of annual leave hours taken under the appropriate days.

Sick Leave (10)

Enter the number of sick leave hours taken under the appropriate days.

See 60.56, the Faculty Manual, and the Administrative Professional Handbook.

Leave Without Pay (11)

Report all LWOP on the Leave Report.

In Comments, state, "LWOP from (first date of absence) to (date of return)."

Submit the Payroll and Human Resource Services copies of any Leave Report which reports LWOP to Human Resource Services. Comply with the payroll deadlines in the Payroll Documents Schedule. See 55.04.

If there is not enough time to use the standard LWOP reporting procedures by Payroll deadlines, telephone or send an e-mail message to Payroll with details of LWOP. Follow the notification with the Leave Report. In Comments, state, "Payroll was notified about this LWOP (date of notice)" as well as the dates and hours of leave without pay.

See 60.56, the Faculty Manual, and the Administrative Professional Handbook for more information about LWOP.

Personal Holiday (12)

Report 8 hours (or appropriate portion of the day for part-time employees) under the appropriate date and enter the hours taken under Total Hours. All personal holiday hours must be taken as a full day or shift.

Holiday (13)

Report 8 holiday hours (or appropriate portion of the day for part-time employees) taken under the appropriate date. See 60.76 for the schedule of University holidays.

Emergency Leave (14)

The employee notes "Emergency Leave for (describe purpose)" in Comments.

Record emergency leave taken by faculty or administrative professional employees under the appropriate dates. Refer to 60.56, the Faculty Manual, and the Administrative Professional Handbook for emergency leave policies.

Training Leave (15)

Enter the number of training leave hours taken under the appropriate days. See 60.56, 60.72, the Faculty Manual, and the Administrative Professional Handbook.

Civil Leave (16)

Enter the number of civil leave hours taken to serve on jury duty, as trial witnesses, or for other subpoenaed civil duties. See 60.56, the Faculty Manual, and the Administrative Professional Handbook.

Military Leave (17)

Enter the number of military leave hours taken under the appropriate days. Military leave for an employee is not to exceed 15 working days during each year beginning October 1 and ending the following September 30. See 60.56, the Faculty Manual, and the Administrative Professional Handbook.

Attach a copy of orders for military training leave only. A copy of the orders is not required for an employee who is called to active duty.

Shared Leave (18)

Human Resource Services notifies the employee and the employing department if an employee is the recipient of shared leave hours and prepares leave reports. Refer to HRS for more information regarding shared leave. See 60.58.

Leave With Pay (19)

See 60.56, the Faculty Manual, and the Administrative Professional Handbook.

Faculty Retraining Leave

Record hours taken as retraining leave on the Leave Report. Refer to 60.56 and the Faculty Manual for more information.


Previous Balance (20)

Enter the totals reported as Current Balance from the preceding month's Leave Report.

Subtract Hours Used (21)

Enter the total hours of leave taken during the month and subtract the number from the Previous Balance.

Subtract Donated Hours (22)

Hours donated to a fellow WSU employee in the Shared Leave Program are subtracted from the Annual Leave Previous Balance or the Sick Leave Previous Balance. See HRS for more information about shared leave.

Add Hours Earned or Received (23)

Enter the appropriate hours of leave earned.

See 60.56, the Faculty Manual, and the Administrative Professional Handbook for accrual rates for annual leave and sick leave.

Current Balance (24)

Record the results of the above calculations.

Administrative Correction (25)

This space is used by HRS to modify the report based upon an audit of the hours. Employees and departments are notified of these corrections.

Comments (26)

Enter anything not otherwise provided which contributes to the clarity of the report; for example:


The signature or approval must be applied personally by the indicated individual. Facsimile or substitute signatures, e.g., signature stamps, are not acceptable.

Certification (27)

The employee certifies the report's accuracy by signing and dating the form.

Supervisor's Signature (28)

The employee's supervisor verifies, signs, and dates the report.

Administrative Approval (29)

Required if supervisor's signature is not present.

HRS highly recommends that a representative of the department or area administrative staff review the Leave Report information for accuracy. HRS notifies the appropriate vice presidents, deans and/or appointing authorities of repeated time reporting errors uncovered during audits. HRS reports serious and repeated concerns to the Internal AuditorŐs Office.

HRS may require an area/department to establish an administrative review for repeated and persistent errors.



The employee retains a copy and routes the original and the remaining copies to the department.


The department retains the original in the employee's official leave file.

If the Leave Report includes any pay-affecting actions, e.g., LWOP, or time missed due to an on-the-job injury regardless of pay status, route two copies to HRS. Submit the completed Leave Report copies to HRS in accordance with the applicable deadline on the Payroll Documents Schedule. See 55.04.

Complete and/or print the following master form as needed:
60.63.14: Leave Report (Windows Excel 97-2003)
60.63.14: Leave Report (Windows Excel 2007 and later)
60.63.14: Leave Report (Macintosh Excel 98-2004)
60.63.14: Leave Report (Macintosh Excel 2008 and later)