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Revised 8-11
Human Resource Services

Tuition Waivers--Fall and Spring Semesters

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An eligible individual who enrolls in WSU academic courses during fall or spring semesters may request a waiver of tuition. (RCW 28B.15.558) (See below for exceptions.) This program is based on availability of space and facilities. A limited number of additional students are accepted if the class can be taught without incurring additional costs. Regular tuition-paying students are seated first.

See 60.73 regarding tuition waivers for summer session academic courses.

Eligible Individuals

WSU Employees

The following WSU employees are eligible for the tuition waiver on a space-available basis:


The following individuals are eligible for the tuition waiver on a space available basis.

Ineligible Individuals

The following are not eligible for the tuition waiver:

Number of Hours

Eligible individuals may enroll for up to six semester hours each fall and spring semester. Hours may be in any combination of credit and audit hours. Individuals enrolling for more than these hour limits are not eligible for the tuition fee waiver program.


WSU charges each eligible individual a nonrefundable $5 administrative fee plus any special course fees, laboratory fees, late registration charges, or late fee payment charges.

IRI Not Accepted for $5 Fee

The individual may not pay the $5 administrative fee with an Interdepartmental Requisition and Invoice (IRI).

Student Benefits

Individuals enrolled under the tuition waiver program are not entitled to WSU student benefits. WSU student identification cards are not issued or validated.

Excepted Courses

The tuition waiver may not be used for the following types of courses. (Costs for such courses are closely tied to the number of enrolled students or are related to delivery to distant locations.)

NOTE: An employee participating in the tuition waiver program may pay the regular tuition to enroll in the classes listed above, provided that the employee does not enroll in more than a total of six semester hours per semester (fall or spring).



Individuals must be admitted to WSU and pay the admission application fee in order to be eligible to enroll. Any student who was not enrolled the previous two semesters must reapply for admission. Contact the Graduate School or the Office of Admissions for admissions information.

NOTE: Individuals who seek to audit a course, but have not been admitted to WSU should contact the Office of the Registrar and refer below for audit enrollment procedures.

Tuition Waiver Request

Complete and print the Tuition Waiver Request form on 60.70.6-7 to request the tuition waiver and to initiate class registration.

Completion and Approval

Instructor's Approval

The employee obtains the instructor's signature when:

The employee obtains the instructor's signature on or after the first day of instruction and not later than the second week of instruction.

WSU Vancouver

In certain circumstances, e.g., business courses at WSU Vancouver, the employee obtains an approval signature from the academic department, rather than the instructor, in order to attend the class. Contact the WSU Vancouver Office of Student Affairs for more information.

Department Chair's Approval

The employee obtains the academic department chair's approval on or after the first day of instruction when adding a class that is full.

Employee's Department/Unit Approval

Eligible WSU Employees

The head of the employee's employing department approves the enrollment by signing a completed Tuition Waiver Request. Do not substitute a signature stamp for the signature.

The department head may deny the request if the essential duties of the position must be performed by the employee during class meeting times.

In addition, a department head may deny a request for any of the following reasons:

An employee may appeal a denial to the Director of Human Resource Services or designee.

State Employees

A state employee obtains approvals as indicated on the form.


Human Resource Services

A Human Resource Services (HRS) representative signs the form to certify the eligibility of each valid WSU employee request for a tuition waiver under this program.

NOTE: HRS does not begin signing Tuition Waiver Requests until one week prior to the start of the semester.

Registrar's Office

A Registrar's Office representative verifies the eligibility of each non-WSU state employee requesting the waiver.


The requestor must submit the Tuition Waiver Request to the Registrar's Office when registering in order to be eligible for the tuition waiver for the current term. An individual who registers for classes  without submitting a Tuition Waiver Request cannot seek a tuition waiver under this program.

The Registrar's Office does not accept Tuition Waiver Requests until the first day of instruction. This practice assures that tuition-paying students are registered before students using space-available waivers. WSU employees are registered before other state employees.



Admission to WSU is not required to audit classes. If a student is enrolled for credit hours and audit hours, the student must be admitted to WSU.

Audit Registration

Audit registration occurs during the first four weeks of classes in the fall and spring.

Students changing from audit to credit must do so by the date specified in the WSU Schedule of Classes. To view class schedules go to:


Obtain a Tuition Waiver Request at 60.70.6-7. Follow the instructions on 60.70.7.


The WSU Schedule of Classes and the WSU Catalog provide policies and procedures for other tuition and fee waiver programs. These publications are available from the Registrar's Office website at:


Tuition or Fee Waiver as a State Employee

WSU employees may qualify for a tuition or fee waiver program at another state public institution of higher education. Contact the other institution for information.

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens who are residents of Washington and who are age 60 or over are eligible for the Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver program.

Senior citizens who are interested in enrolling at WSU should contact the Registrar's Office or refer to the WSU Schedule of Classes or RCW 28B.15.540. This tuition waiver is limited to six credits or two courses per semester in the fall and spring semesters only.

See the PDF form:
60.70.6-7: Tuition Waiver Request
Complete and/or print as needed.