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Revised 10-08
Controller's Office

Interdepartmental Requisition and Invoice (IRI)

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University departments use the Interdepartmental Requisition and Invoice (IRI) form to requisition supplies and services provided by WSU vendor departments.
Approval to Charge
A department or unit must have prior approval from the Controller's Office to charge for goods or services. In most cases, a prospective vendor department requests approval by completing a Service Center Application (see 30.15). A department cannot process IRIs as a vendor department unless a Service Center Application has been submitted and approved.

An individual must receive authorization on an AIS Access Request form in order to process IRIs through the Service Center Billing System. See 85.33.
IRI Forms
The IRI serves as an order and billing form.

To obtain IRIs, departments may choose from the following versions: Departments use the IRIs to make purchases from vendor departments.

Departments use the IRI to authorize a vendor department to set up a blanket requisition (see 70.06). This is desirable when the department makes regular purchases from the vendor.

WSU vendor departments may use IRIs to prepare monthly billings for departments who make blanket order purchases (see 70.06).
Certain vendor departments use specialized ordering forms or methods instead of requiring an IRI. Review the applicable Business Policies and Procedures Manual section for details.

NOTE: Vendor departments are to obtain Controller's Office approval before substituting an alternative order form or method for the IRI.
The requisitioning department completes the IRI as follows. The following numbered instructions are keyed to numbers on the sample in the PDF version of 70.05.3.
Requisitioning Dept. (1)
Enter the requisitioning department's name. Enter the account coding of the budget(s) that will assume the expenditure. Include program, budget, object, subobject, and project. (Complete the fund and appropriation blocks if required by the college finance office.) See 70.09 for a list of object codes. Refer to the code tables in the online Account Balances/Detail Application for a list of subobject codes.

When a blanket order is in force, enter the blanket order number adjacent to the department name under Department.

If the items requested are billed to more than one account, this blank can include more than one line of coding. The accounts are charged the indicated percentages of the total bill. Indicate the percentage to be charged next to the appropriate coding.
Page (2)
Number the IRI pages.
Vendor Department (3)
Indicate the vendor department(s) on this line.
Date (4)
Indicate the date the requisitioning department submitted the IRI.
Deliver To (5)
Indicate the building, room number, and campus mail code.
Dept. Req. No. (6)
The requisitioning department may assign a requisition number to the transaction. This is optional.
Contact Individual (7)
Include the name, telephone number, and e-mail address of a knowledgeable departmental contact.
Item (8)
Assign an item number to each item requested, i.e., 1, 2, 3, etc.
Stock Number (9)
Enter the vendor's stock number if available.
Description/Received By (10)

Enter a concise description of the requested goods or services, including quantities and units.

Include any information on this part of the form which will assist the vendor department in filling the order and Accounts Payable in correctly billing the requisitioning department.
Indicate "Please Encumber" if the purchase amount is to be encumbered. (This is useful for major purchases which will not be delivered for several weeks or months.) Request encumbrances from only those vendors using the Service Center Billing System (see 30.15). Other vendor departments do not process encumbrances.
Expenditure Authority (11)
The IRI must be signed by an employee who has been authorized to sign for the account(s). See 70.02 for an explanation of expenditure authority.
The requisitioning department retains a control copy and routes the signed original to the vendor department.

NOTE: The college may require that the form be routed through the college finance office for fund coding before it is sent to the vendor.
The vendor department finishes completing the IRI as follows:
Account Code
Enter the the account code for the University account receiving the money under Vendor Department.

Vendor departments are to enter applicable source and subsource codes in the indicated fields. EXCEPTION: If the money is to be deposited into an account in fund 001 (state appropriation) the vendor department enters object 21 under Srce and the applicable subobject under Sub.

Refer to Code Titles in the online Account Balances/Detail Application for a complete listing of valid source, subsource, object and subobject codes.
Invoice Number
Assign and enter an Invoice Number based upon the vendor department's IRI numbering system.
Record details regarding quantities and charges under Quan Del, Unit Prc, and Total. Also record an Invoice Total.
Received By
A representative from the requisitioning department may indicate receipt of the goods or services by signing the bottom of the Description/Received By section.
Distribute copies as follows:
Vendor department retains for file. See 90.01 for retention requirements.
May be returned by the vendor department to the requisitioning department after the transaction is entered into the Service Center Billing System.
At fiscal year's end, invoices must be entered into the University's accounting system in accordance with the year-end schedule distributed by the Controller's Office. See also 70.04.
Vendor departments are responsible for ensuring that IRIs used for invoicing are sequentially numbered.

The vendor department may elect to begin a new number sequence at the beginning of each biennium.
See 70.06.