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Revised 3-04
Purchasing Services

Acquiring a Photocopier

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Purchasing Services coordinates photocopier acquisitions for University departments.


The requesting department completes the top half of the Photocopier Equipment Request form, including the sections that describe current equipment and usage. See below for completion instructions. This information is necessary for Purchasing Services, University Publishing, and contract vendors to assist the department with a copier acquisition.

Vendors' Proposals

Upon request, Purchasing Services provides approved vendor contact information to departmental personnel by fax or interdepartmental mail.

Departments are to request written vendor proposals which include a "cost per copy" rate based upon the contract term and the monthly volume recorded on the Photocopier Equipment Request. If the department is making an outright purchase, the "cost per copy" calculations are to be based upon a useful life of six years. "Cost per copy" includes all expenses except paper.

The vendor's proposal is to be dated, signed, and on letterhead. The proposal is to include reference to the vendor's specific contract number for pricing, terms, and conditions.

Over 16,000 Copies (WSU Pullman Only)

To initiate the acquisition of a large-volume (over 16,000 copies a month) copier, the WSU Pullman department provides a draft of the completed equipment request form with vendor proposals to University Publishing. University Publishing evaluates the request and provides a written recommendation to the department.

Recommendation Accepted

If the department accepts University Publishing's written recommendation, the department works solely with University Publishing as the service provider. The department does not submit a finalized Photocopier Equipment Request to Purchasing Services.

Recommendation Not Accepted

If the department elects not to accept the University Publishing written recommendation, the department prepares a written justification for declining the recommendation. This written response is to include the department's justification for not utilizing the University's centralized copy services. The department includes a copy of the written justification and the University Publishing recommendation with the acquisition documentation submitted to Purchasing Services.

Documentation Submittal to Purchasing Services

The department prepares the acquisition documentation for submittal to Purchasing Services.

The acquisition request includes the following:

For a rental contract, submit a single completed and approved Departmental Requisition for the agreement, which includes all maintenance, parts, and supplies, excluding paper. See the sample in the PDF version of 70.27.3.

NOTE: If the agreement replaces a previous contract with another vendor, submit an additional Departmental Requisition to terminate the old vendor contract. See the sample in the PDF version of 70.27.4.


Contractor Fact Sheet

Each request to lease photocopier equipment must be accompanied by a Contractor Fact Sheet completed by the vendor. Obtain supplies of the form from Purchasing Services or by printing the PDF master on 70.27.10.


For accounting purposes, a department includes the costs of the photocopier in object 03. The agreement can only be accomplished by a 48-month or less rental contract.

Early Termination Fee

The department is charged a fee of four times the monthly base rate for early termination of a rental contract for reasons other than nonappropriation of funding or vendor default.

Capital Lease

A five-year rental is defined as a capital lease and accounted for in object 06 when the agreement meets any one of the following criteria:

Maintenance and Supplies

Maintenance and supplies are covered as part of a rental contract. However, maintenance and supplies are not part of a lease or purchase contract and are usually covered in a separate agreement. As such, the department is to submit a second Departmental Requisition for the maintenance agreement.

Usually, the maintenance agreement is billed monthly. The agreement usually includes a base rate and cost per copy rate and begins after any applicable warranty expires.


Purchasing Services evaluates the request to ensure conformance with all applicable copier contracts and other state regulations.

If all criteria comply, Purchasing Services consummates the photocopier contract.

Power Source/Ventilation

The department is responsible for determining power and ventilation requirements and verifying that the existing sources are adequate. If the copier volume exceeds 40,000 per month, the department should request an evaluation from the Mechanical Engineering Division of Facilities Services, Operations.


Each University photocopier acquisition must be supported by information recorded on a Photocopier Equipment Request form. Obtain supplies of the form by printing the PDF master on 70.27.9 or completing onscreen and printing.

Completion Instructions

Form sections not explained below are considered self-explanatory. Numbers are keyed to the sample in the PDF version of page 70.27.6.

Present Equipment At This Location (1)

Include requested information regarding current photocopying equipment. Also enter the data collected over the consecutive four months with the highest average of consecutive monthly copy volume within the last year. (See example line "A.")

Separately indicate the number of copy center copies which would be made by the requested photocopier. (See example line "B.")


Divide the Total Mo. Costs by the Copies/Month to obtain the Cost/Copy.

NOTE: Enter $.05 in Cost/Copy for any printer, regardless of make or model. (See example line "C.")

Copies Per Month (2)

Enter the average number of copies per month for the highest four-month period.

Run Length (3)

Estimate and enter the average number of originals per job and total copies generated for each category of run length for the average month based upon collected figures. NOTE: The sum of total copies for all categories of run length must equal Copies Per Month.

Percentages (4)

Enter the percentage of total copies per month which apply to each category.


The ability of a copier to print on both sides of the paper.

One-Sided Originals

Copies which are made from one-sided originals.

Two-Sided Originals

Copies which are made from two-sided originals.

Book Copy

Copies made from books which require individual copies of each page.


Sets of copies organized in order; up to 10 or 20 sets.

Exit or Offset Tray

Exit Tray: Copies stacked in a tray upon output. Offset Tray: Sets are offset from each other upon output.


Used with an offset tray to staple sets together.

Copy Center Copies

Copies ordered from and printed by the CougarCopies centers.

Requested Equipment (5)

Provide all available and/or applicable information regarding the desired equipment.

One-Time Costs (6)

Add the one-time costs involved with installation, removal, and any miscellaneous costs to the costs of altering space to accommodate the copier.

Divide the Total One-Time Costs by the Months of Use to determine a monthly figure for one-time costs. This figure is used in the following calculation.

NOTE: Months of Use is the rental/lease period (e.g., 48 months). For purchases this figure is the useful life of the copier (usually five years).

Total Monthly Costs (7)

Add all costs together to determine Total Monthly Costs.

NOTE: Overage Charges are the additional charges for copies not included in the base rate. Usually this is a per copy charge specified in the vendor's agreement.

Monthly Costs Per Copy (8)

Divide the Total Monthly Costs by Copies Per Mo. to calculate Cost Per Copy. Use the Copies Per Month figure entered above under Usage.

Cost Savings or Increase (9)

Subtract the Proposed Equipment Total Monthly Costs from the Present Equipment Total Monthly Costs to calculate the Cost Savings or Cost Increase.

Justification (10)

Include a justification addendum which details the department's photocopier activity and describes the current copier situation. Include any changes (e.g., growth, new responsibilities, etc.) which require equipment upgrade. Provide any additional statistics which support the information submitted on the Photocopier Equipment Request.


Route originals of the completed Photocopier Equipment Request, justification addenda, the written vendor proposal, appropriate Departmental Requisitions, a Contractor Fact Sheet for rental or lease contracts, and University Publishing documentation and related correspondence, if applicable, to Purchasing Services. See above.

See the PDF master forms:
70.27.9: Photocopier Equipment Request
70.27.10: Contractor Fact Sheet
Complete and print as needed