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Revised 5-11

Mailing Services

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WSU Pullman, WSU Spokane, WSU Tri-Cities, and WSU Vancouver each have a mailing services department. Each mailing services department is responsible for processing international, domestic, and interdepartmental mail which originates with and/or is destined for WSU departments at each campus.

Each mailing services department serves as the liaison between the respective Washington State University campus and the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Regardless of campus location, University mailing services departments process only official WSU mail.

WSU Pullman

Mailing Services, WSU Pullman, is located in the Cooper Publications Building on Grimes Way; telephone 335-2104.

For more information, see the WSU Pullman Mailing Services website at:


WSU Spokane

Mail Services, WSU Spokane, is located in the South Campus Facility (formerly called the F.O. Berg Building) at 412 E. Spokane Falls Blvd., Room 410A, in the same building as the Bookie; telephone 509-368-6995.

WSU Tri-Cities

The Copy and Mail Distribution Center, WSU Tri-Cities, is located in West Building, Room 127; telephone 509-372-7273.

WSU Vancouver

Plant Services Shipping and Receiving is located in the Mailroom, Plant Services Building; telephone 360-546-9708.

For information concerning all WSU Vancouver mail services, see Plant Services' WSU Vancouver Mailroom website at:



Individuals may not use any WSU mailing services for personal mail.

Personal use of WSU stationery and stamps is a violation of WSU policy. See 20.37 and the Faculty Manual.


WSU Pullman

Mailing Services provides once-a-day pickup and delivery service to designated departments at WSU Pullman.

Late Mail Pickup (Pullman Campus)

Top priority rush mail that must go out the same evening may be included in the late mail pickup. Mail that is not top priority should be held for the regular mail pickup the next morning.

The late mail pickup is for first-class and interdepartmental mail only.

Items are placed in the special white envelopes marked EMERGENCY MAIL. These envelopes may be requested online from the University Publishing website at


or from the mail clerk at the Cooper Publications Building.

Mailing Services picks up rush mail each midafternoon at the following Pullman campus locations:

WSU Spokane

WSU Spokane departments may drop off small quantities of mail for late pickup at the Academic Center in the Student Affairs Office, room SAC 130, no later than 3:00 p.m.

WSU Tri-Cities

Contact the Copy and Mail Distribution Center for information concerning mail pickup and delivery service at the WSU Tri-Cities campus.

WSU Vancouver

Plant Services Shipping and Receiving provides twice-a-day pickup and delivery service to each department at WSU Vancouver.


Send a written request to the Mailing Services Manager to request a Pullman campus mail stop.

Approval of a new mail stop is based on existing or projected mail volumes. A full-time secretary is required and the office must be open for delivery of mail on all days the University is officially open for business.


The mailing services departments refer to the online employee directory for WSU employee mailing addresses and to generate mailing lists for official WSU mailings. See 10.07.

A new employee or an employee who has recently changed departments should ensure that the home department has updated his or her workplace address. See 10.07.

WSU Vancouver

Contact Mailroom personnel to add a new or temporary employee to the mail sorting list; telephone 360-546-9708.


Each department should band outgoing mail into the following bundles:

Large or Heavy Items

If a department intends to send an item weighing 20 pounds or more, the department should notify the appropriate mailing or shipping services office in advance so that the carrier can bring appropriate equipment for the pickup.

WSU Pullman

For items weighing 20 to 70 pounds, Pullman campus departments may notify Mailing Services online at:


or by calling 335-2104.

For items weighing more than 70 pounds, Pullman campus departments call Central Receiving; telephone 335-5575.

WSU Spokane

WSU Spokane departments may notify Mail Services of large or heavy items weighing 20 pounds or more; telephone 509-368-6995.

WSU Tri-Cities

WSU Tri-Cities departments may notify the Copy and Mail Distribution Center of large or heavy items weighing 20 pounds or more; telephone 509-372-7273.

WSU Vancouver

WSU Vancouver departments may notify Plant Services Shipping and Receiving of large or heavy items weighing 20 pounds or more; telephone 360-546-9708.

Sealing Letters

The University mailing services departments seal mailings of ten or more letter-size envelopes of the same weight if the envelopes are nested and banded by the department. (Nested means envelope flaps up and together.)

Exception (WSU Spokane)

WSU Spokane Mail Services seals mailings of ten or more letter-size envelopes of the same weight if the envelopes are not nested and each envelope's flap is down.


WSU Pullman units must submit all business reply materials to Mailing Services for review and approval before printing to ensure that the proposed format is in accord with current USPS regulations. Prior review by Mailing Services could prevent inconvenience and reprinting costs resulting from an unsuitable format.