Washington State University

Revised 10-16

Interdepartmental Mail

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University mailing services departments deliver mail between departments on each of the campuses, e.g., Pullman, Spokane, Tri-Cities, and Vancouver.

The front desk distributes mail deliveries at the WSU North Puget Sound at Everett campus.

WSU Pullman

Mailing Services, WSU Pullman, is located in the Cooper Publications Building on Grimes Way; telephone 509-335-2365.

For more information, see the WSU Pullman Mailing Services website at:


WSU Spokane

Mail Services, WSU Spokane, is located in the South Campus Facilities building at 412 E. Spokane Falls Blvd., Room 410A; telephone 509-368-6995. For more information, see the Mail Services website at:


WSU Tri-Cities

The Copy and Mail Distribution Center, WSU Tri-Cities, is located in West Building, Room 127; telephone 509-372-7273; e-mail copyctr@tricity.wsu.edu. For more information, see the Copy & Mail Center website at:


WSU Vancouver

The Mailroom is located in the Physical Plant Building, Room 40; telephone 360-546-9708.

For information concerning all WSU Vancouver mail services, the WSU Vancouver Facilities Operations Mailroom website at:


WSU North Puget Sound at Everett

For information concerning WSU North Puget Sound at Everett mail services, see the front desk in Gray Wolf Hall, Room 100; telephone 425-405-1600.


See 80.18 regarding courier service for the transfer of interdepartmental mail between WSU campuses and locations. The campus receiving and delivery or mailing services department distributes such mail to campus departments.

Senders are to affix the applicable color-coded label to indicate the delivery location. Color-coded labels are available through Central Receiving and Delivery (WSU Pullman) and the campus mailing services departments (WSU Spokane, WSU Tri-Cities, WSU Vancouver).

Intercampus mail sent by courier service should fit into an interdepartmental mail envelope, in accordance with 80.18.


Items addressed by the sending department are delivered by University mailing services at no charge.

Indicate the addressee's full name and mail code on each piece of interdepartmental mail. (EXCEPTION: See below regarding addressing requirements for interdepartmental mail sent by courier service to WSU Pullman and WSU Spokane.)

Individual Mail Codes

Refer to the University Directory or online in Employee Workplace (WRKPLACE) within the mainframe DEPPS AIS application. See 85.33 for more information about accessing DEPPS and AIS.

Department Mail Codes

Refer to the University Directory or the mainframe WSU Organizational Unit Inquiry (WSUORG) AIS application. See 10.05 for more information about WSUORG.

To WSU Pullman

Items sent by courier to WSU Pullman must be addressed to the individual's or department's building and room number. Central Receiving and Delivery, which processes WSU Pullman courier mail, uses buildings and room numbers, rather than mail codes for determining delivery locations. See 80.18.

Courier mail to WSU Pullman that does not contain location information (building and room number) is subject to delivery delays or return to the originating campus or center.

To WSU Spokane

Intercampus mail items to WSU Spokane must be addressed to the recipient's department and/or building mail delivery point. Mail Services does not deliver to individual offices.


WSU personnel use the special manila interdepartmental mail envelopes to send most interdepartmental mail.

Mail intended for interdepartmental delivery which is prepared in a regular envelope should be inserted into an interdepartmental envelope. This will expedite delivery and prevent the mail from being inadvertently metered and routed as U.S. Mail.

Sealing Envelopes

Do not seal, staple, tape, or close interdepartmental mail envelopes in a manner that causes the envelope to be torn when opened.

Envelope Supplies

Two sizes of interdepartmental envelopes, small (5" x 11.5") and large (10" x 13"), are available from Mailing Services at no charge. Envelopes may be ordered online at:


NOTE: Mailing Services automatically sends large envelopes, unless the department enters a request for small envelopes under Miscellaneous on the online order form.

Do not stockpile envelopes. Return excess supplies of interdepartmental envelopes to Mailing Services; mail code 5910.


Limited mass mailing services are available through WSU Pullman Mailing Services only.

Allowable Organizations

WSU Pullman Mailing Services provides mass distribution for mailings from:

A WSU employee is a member or officer, and

The stated purpose of the organization is related to the employee's official University duties, and

The mailing is of residual value or benefit to the University.

Mailing Services does not provide mass distribution for mailings from organizations other than those listed above.

Service Charges

WSU Pullman Mailing Services charges for mass distribution services. Costs vary, depending upon the number of employees or departments selected. Mailing Services provides cost estimates upon request.

Full Pitch Mail

WSU Pullman Mailing Services leaves enough unaddressed mail items at each mail stop to permit distribution to each unit employee.

Departmental Pitch Mail

WSU Pullman Mailing Services will leave one or more (up to 10) unaddressed mail items at each mail stop, according to senders' request.

Mailing List Distribution

WSU Pullman Mailing Services delivers items to specified categories of employees.

Addressing Services addresses each outgoing mail item and applies appropriate postage.

For further information, see the Addressing website at:



Addressing Services uses the Administrators List to generate mailings to deans, chairs, and other administrators. The Administrators List is available online from the Provost's Office website at:


Departmental Secretary

Departments may request delivery of mass mailings to "Departmental Secretary" at WSU departmental mail codes.

Selection Options for Employees

All Nonhourly Employees

WSU Pullman Addressing Services can address and deliver/send mass mailings to all nonhourly employees. This group includes employees who receive mail via Mailing Services delivery (using mail code) and employees who receive mail via U.S. Postal Service delivery. Faculty, administrative/professional, classified staff, salaried student employees, adjunct faculty, and affiliated staff are included in such mailings.

Targeted Group

Departments can select targeted groups of nonhourly employees for mailings. A targeted group of employees may be selected using one or a combination of the following employee subsets.

For further information regarding University zip codes, see:



If a department intends to send an item weighing 20 pounds or more, the department should notify the appropriate mailing or shipping services office in advance so that the carrier can bring appropriate equipment for the pickup.

WSU Pullman

Items Weighing 20 to 70 Pounds

For items weighing 20 to 70 pounds, Pullman campus departments may notify Mailing Services online at:


or by calling 509-335-2365.

Items Weighing More Than 70 Pounds

For items weighing more than 70 pounds, Pullman campus departments call Central Receiving; telephone 509-335-5575.

WSU Spokane

WSU Spokane departments may notify Mail Services of large or heavy items weighing 20 pounds or more; telephone 509-368-6995; online at:


WSU Tri-Cities

WSU Tri-Cities departments may notify the Copy and Mail Distribution Center of large or heavy items weighing 20 pounds or more; telephone 509-372-7273; e-mail copyctr@tricity.wsu.edu.

WSU Vancouver

WSU Vancouver departments are to notify the Mailroom in advance of large or heavy items weighing 20 pounds or more; telephone 360-546-9708; e-mail mailroom@wsu.edu.

WSU North Puget Sound at Everett

WSU North Puget Sound at Everett departments may notify the front desk of large or heavy items weighing 20 pounds or more; telephone 425-405-1600.


University mailing services departments do not process personal mail or perform personal tasks, e.g., checking out or returning library books.