Washington State University

Revised 10-16

Incoming U.S. Mail

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University mailing services departments at WSU Pullman, WSU Spokane, WSU Tri-Cities, and WSU Vancouver deliver incoming U.S. mail to identifiable WSU addresses. See 80.20.

WSU Pullman

For more information concerning WSU Pullman mail services, see the Mailing Services website at:


or telephone 509-335-2365.

WSU Spokane

For more information concerning WSU Spokane mailing services, contact Mail Services at 412 E. Spokane Falls Blvd.; telephone 509-368-6995; e-mail spok.fac.ship@wsu.edu; or see the Mailing Services website at:


WSU Tri-Cities

For more information concerning WSU Tri-Cities mailing services, contact the Copy and Mail Distribution Center; telephone 509-372-7273; e-mail copyctr@tricity.wsu.edu; or see the Copy & Mail Center website at:


WSU Vancouver

For more information concerning all WSU Vancouver mail services, see the WSU Vancouver Facilities Operations Mailroom website at:


or telephone 360-546-9708; or e-mail mailroom@wsu.edu.

WSU North Puget Sound at Everett

For more information concerning all WSU North Puget Sound Everett mail services, contact the front desk; telephone 425-405-1600.


If the address on the outside of a piece of first-class U.S. mail is illegible or incomplete, mailing services personnel open the item to determine the intended destination.

First-class mail which is completely unidentifiable is returned to USPS marked "insufficient address, return to sender."

Unidentifiable or insufficiently addressed standard-class mail endorsed by the sender with a Move Update endorsement such as "Address Correction Service" is returned to the sender marked "insufficient address."

Unidentifiable or insufficiently addressed standard-class mail without a Move Update endorsement is discarded.


As a courtesy to new faculty and staff members, University mailing services departments deliver incoming personal mail which is properly addressed for one month after employment start date. NOTE: Personal mail service is provided on a temporary basis only. The employee is responsible for notifying all correspondents of her or his non-University mailing address within one month of employment.

Personal packages for all employees are retained by the campus mailing services department. The mailing services office notifies the employee of the package's arrival and when it may be picked up.

When dealing with outside mail sources, WSU personnel are not to indicate WSU as an appropriate address for personal mail. WSU employees on sabbatical are not to have personal mail forwarded to their department.


University mailing services departments refuse delivery of postage due items.