Washington State University

Revised 8-07
Central Receiving

Incoming Freight

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Private freight companies deliver most incoming University freight for Pullman campus departments to Central Receiving. Central Receiving is located on Dairy Road, which is accessed from Grimes Way.


Purchased Merchandise

Central Receiving personnel match the package against outstanding Receiving Reports using the purchase order number on the package label. Central Receiving processes the parcel and order as described in 70.14.

Parcels Not Matched to Receiving Reports

Central Receiving receives many parcels which cannot be matched to outstanding Receiving Reports. Such parcels may include:

Determining Correct Location

In such cases, Central Receiving attempts to determine the correct destination by noting a name or department on the label.

Destination Can Be Determined

Central Receiving delivers the item to the indicated location.

A representative from the recipient department signs Central Receiving's delivery manifest. Upon signing the manifest, the department becomes responsible for the merchandise in the parcel. This responsibility includes:

Destination Cannot Be Determined

If a campus destination cannot be determined, Central Receiving returns the parcel to the off-campus sender.


Mailing Services receives all incoming U.S. parcel post shipments.


Mailing Services forwards insured parcel post packages to Central Receiving. (Mailing Services assumes that insured parcels are purchased merchandise which must be matched with Receiving Reports.)

Uninsured Parcels

Mailing Services sends uninsured parcels directly to the designated individual or department. Department personnel are to follow procedures outlined in 70.14 for "Merchandise Received Directly by Departments," if the department receives a parcel from Mailing Services for purchased merchandise.

COD Parcels

Central Receiving pays the merchandise, freight, and COD (collect on delivery) service fees for all COD parcels which arrive on their dock. Central Receiving charges the budget of the administrative unit that ordered the goods. NOTE: COD orders are exceptions to standard policy and are to be used only in exceptional circumstances.

Instruct the vendor that Central Receiving must receive the following information to process a COD order:

Purchase order number, and

Contact name of the individual or department requesting the parcel.

Omission of any one of these items will result in a delivery delay.