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Data Warehouse Access

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A data warehouse stores data which is extracted from mainframe operational applications and made available for ad hoc queries and scheduled reporting. The organization of data in the data warehouse differs from data found in the operational applications in the following ways:

University Data Warehouses

The University maintains two data warehouses, the Financial Data Warehouse and the Student Data Warehouse.

Financial Data Warehouse

The Financial Data Warehouse consists of:

The Executive Director, Finance and Administration is the data custodian for the Financial Data Warehouse.

Student Data Warehouse

The Student Data Warehouse consists of:

The Senior Associate Registrar is the data custodian for the Student Data Warehouse.

Additional Information

For more information, select the Student Data or Financial Data links from the Information Technology Services (ITS) Data Warehouse website at:



The data warehouses provide access to sensitive University data. Administrators are to exercise discretion when authorizing employee access to University data. University employees with a demonstrated "need-to-know" may access online information. Administrators are responsible for ensuring that authorized employees are aware of data security requirements.

Release of Data

Data is released in accordance with regulations in 90.05, 90.06, and 90.07.


Training for the data warehouses is provided through Human Resource Services. See 60.71.


Departments must complete the following steps in order to obtain approval for specified departmental personnel to access the data warehouses:


ITS charges departments an annual relicensing and maintenance fee for the query and reporting tool software.

The request must be approved by the department chair or director and the department dean or vice president.

Privacy Training

Each employee receiving access to the Student Data Warehouse must complete the online student records privacy training before access is given. To access the online training, select the FERPA Test link on the Registrar's Office Network website at:


Employees must take FERPA training every three years to be current and eligible for access to student systems.

Terminating or Transferring Access

Departments are responsible for notifying the ITS Helpdesk to remove an employee's data warehouse access authorization when the employee terminates employment with the department; telephone 335-4357 (335-HELP).

Departments must purchase a software license for each computer that is to be used to access the data warehouses. ITS may transfer use of a specific software license to a new employee if that employee is assigned to use the department computer on which the access software is currently installed.

The department must submit a completed and approved Data Warehouse Access Request for the replacing employee. The data custodian must approve the replacing employee's access prior to use of the data warehouse.

See the PDF form:
85.48.4: Data Warehouse Access Request
Complete and/or print as needed.