Washington State University

Revised 4-08
Travel Services

Applicant Travel

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Department chairs, unit heads, principal investigators, and project directors may authorize payment of travel expenses for prospective employees for travel to and from interview locations.

Eligible Applicants

State funds may be used to pay candidate travel expenses for the following positions:


A position above the rank of instructor. (SAAM 70.20.20)

Administrative Professional

A professional position or an administrative position with supervisory duties. (SAAM 70.20.20)


A professional position or an administrative position with supervisory duties. (SAAM 70.20.20) An applicant must be listed on an eligible roster.

Applicant's Spouse

A spouse's travel expenses may be authorized from discretionary funds (program 17A) for applicants to faculty or administrative professional positions. WSU does not authorize travel expenses for a classified staff applicant's spouse.

Meal Expenses

A state account may be used to pay for meal expenses for the candidate, the candidate's spouse, and interviewers at the prevailing meal rate for location (see 95.19). A discretionary account may be used to support identifiable liquor expenses and meal costs that exceed the prevailing meal rate (see 70.33).


Speaker Fees

The above administrators may authorize fees to pay candidates for lectures, seminars, demonstrations, or other services. See also 95.25.

General Travel

WSU travel policies and rates apply to applicant travel. See other sections in Chapter 95. The University reimburses applicants for travel by the most expeditious means.


See 95.06.

Other Expenses

Other reimbursable expenses include costs incurred in travel, such as taxi cabs, bus, rental vehicles, parking at the airport, or transportation to and from the airport. See 95.08.

Entertainment Expenses

Entertainment expenses must be reimbursed from discretionary funds in program 17A. See 70.33 for procedures.



Complete a Travel Authority to request approval for a candidate's visit. See 95.05.

The responsible administrative officer has the option of authorizing all, none, or part of allowable travel expenses.

Classified Positions

For a classified position, the interviewing department must also secure prior approval from Human Resource Services on the Travel Authority. (SAAM 70.20.50)


After the Travel Authority is approved, the administrator of the interviewing department may send an invitation to the candidate.

The invitation specifies WSU travel policies and per diemrates and includes an estimate of lodging and transportation costs.

Prepaid Transportation

Use a Central Travel Account to obtain a common carrier ticket (see 95.04 and 95.07). Do not mail a ticket to the applicant. A travel service can wire the tickets to an airport or terminal near the applicant for a nominal fee.

Claim for Reimbursement

The Travel Expense Voucher is the claim document for reimbursement for a candidate's travel expenses. See 95.20 for procedures. See 95.20.20 for an example.

Itemize the travel expenses on a Travel Expense Voucher in the same detail as is required for travel reimbursement to WSU employees.

Ask the candidate to sign the Travel Expense Voucher when he or she is at the interview.

See the PDF version of BPPM 95.14.3 for example.