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Revised 12-14
International Programs

International Travel Registry

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The International Travel Registry is an online registration system that provides WSU with a secure means of documenting international travel plans for undergraduate and graduate students participating in not-for-credit travel for WSU-related activities.


International Travel

International travel is defined as travel to any non-U.S. location outside of the 50 states (including Hawaii, Alaska, and District of Columbia) and the U.S territories (Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, and Swains Island).


See WAC 504-26-010(12) for the University's definition of the term "student."


Not-for-Credit International Travel

This policy pertains to all students traveling as individuals or in groups, with or without University funding, for any WSU-sponsored, WSU-administered, or WSU-related not- for-credit activity or program. Such activities and programs include, but are not limited to:

For-Credit International Travel

Register Travel Through International Programs (IP)

Students participating in for-credit international travel refer to the application and documentation procedures for study abroad, which are available through the Office of International Programs (IP).

Register Travel Through Risk Management

Graduate students on paid assistantship or time-slip appointments who travel abroad are exempt from enrolling in the International Travel Registry. Such students are WSU employees and document their travel through Risk Management Services. WSU employees who travel abroad are provided services through WSU's International SOS membership.

International SOS services include emergency medical and security evacuation and repatriation of remains services. For further information, contact Risk Management Services; telephone 509-335-3041.

Register Travel Through International Travel Registry

Graduate students not on paid assistantship or time-slip appointments and who are enrolled in graduate level pass/non-pass credits must enroll in the International Travel Registry if participating in international travel for a WSU-related activity or program. Pass/non-pass credits include 700, 702, or 800 independent research and advanced study credits for thesis, dissertation, direct study, and/or examination credits.

NOTE: Graded credits earned for international travel are considered study abroad. (See the procedures to "Register Travel Through International Programs" above.)


IP maintains the online International Travel Registry and oversees the accompanying registration process.


The goals of the International Travel Registry are to:


All WSU students for whom this policy applies are required to register prior to departure in accordance with the procedures outlined below. See "Applicability" above.

WSU colleges, departments, faculty, and staff affiliated with such activities are responsible for ensuring that students document their travel plans through the online International Travel Registry.

Registration Process

To complete the International Travel Registry process:

Log Into Registry

Log onto the online International Travel Registry through the IP website at:


Enter Required Information

The student traveler must provide all of the following information in the online registry:

Complete Questionnaires

Complete the questionnaires and provide electronic authorization for the participation agreement, liability forms, and other documents, as required.

Review Orientation Materials

Review all predeparture orientation materials.

Contact IP With Questions

Contact the Office of International Programs (IP) with any questions.

International Programs Services

IP provides the following services to students who are registered for international travel:

All students registered for international travel are required to purchase WSU International Health and Travel Insurance. Cost for the insurance is charged to the students' accounts, which are accessed through the MyWSU portal at: