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BPPM Revision Memorandum

June 20, 2011
Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms
Manual Users
Business Policies and Procedures Manual
Revision Letter Number Three Hundred Eighty

This BPPM revision includes the following changes:

All-University Records Retention Schedules: Safety Records 90.01.48-51

This amendment adds and/or updates the following records series on the All-University Records Retention Schedule:

  • Air Operating Permit Reports and Associated Data
  • Notice of Construction Permits for New Air Emission Sources
  • Respirator Program Records
  • Swimming Pool Permits

Travel Authority 95.05

This revision:

  • Clarifies when written prior approval of a Travel Authority (TA) is required.
  • Clarifies when routing of approved TAs to Travel Services is required and not required.
  • Provides for the use of substitute TA forms under specified conditions.
  • Updates the restrictions regarding travel advances.

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