Revision Memorandum
  SPPM Revision Memorandum

December 11, 1997

Manual Users
Ralph Jenks, Manager
Safety Policies and Procedures Manual
Revision Letter Number Seventeen


This SPPM revision includes the following changes:

Control of Emergency Situations S10.15

This policy authorizes University safety directors to take preventative, investigative, and remedial actions when required by emergency situations.

Billing for Emergency Medical Services S60.12

The WSU Fire Department has updated the rates for emergency medical services.

Air and Water Pollution Control S70.10

The departments of Facilities Operations, Facilities Development, and Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) are now responsible for University air and water pollution control. EH&S has additional responsibilities for assuring that regulations, monitoring, recordkeeping, and other compliance requirements are met.

Drinking Water Quality S70.15

This revision identifies responsibilities for ensuring the quality of University drinking water and the operation of the water system. This section also includes information for reporting complaints and emergencies.

Swimming pool procedures have been moved to a separate section.

Swimming Pools and Spas S70.17

This new section identifies responsibilities for ensuring safe and sanitary swimming pool and spa facilities. The section also includes information for reporting complaints and emergencies.

Food Sanitation S70.30

EH&S has sole responsibility for enforcing food service sanitation regulations at WSU facilities. EH&S provides routine sanitation inspections and investigations of suspected food-borne illnesses.

This revision also describes the types of available food service permits and food handler cards, application and training procedures, and related fees. Since EH&S no longer uses the Food Service Permit Application (WSU1333), this form has been removed.

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