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Renewable Energy System Incentive Program

Effective October 30, 2017, the University made the following emergency rule changes to the Washington Administrative Code:

  • WAC Chapter 504-49: Renewable Energy System Incentive Program

The emergency rules are necessary to preserve the general welfare in that the Washington State University energy program is replacing the Washington State department of revenue to administer an existing program that provides incentives for renewable energy. Failure to having rules in place for an existing program that is now managed by a different agency for a considerable amount of time would cause considerable disruption to the program. These emergency rules will allow for the continuation of the program while the WSU energy program goes through the process of establishing permanent rules. Further, the emergency rules are necessary for the fair and equitable implementation of ESSB 5939 to provide consistent application of procedures, program definitions, eligibility, incentive payment rates, and decision appeal procedures -- all in accordance with the language and intent of ESSB 5939. Further, emergency rules are necessary to provide immediate guidance to interested applicants because the WSU energy program became the administrator of this incentive program on October 1, 2017.

To view the text of these emergency rules, see WSR 17-22-099 at the Code Reviser's Office Washington State Register website:

Permanent rules are currently being developed.

Submit written comments or questions by Monday, February 19, 2018, to Deborah L. Bartlett, Director and University Rules Coordinator, Office of Procedures, Records, and Forms, mail code 1225, Pullman, WA 99164-1225; e-mail; fax 509-335-3969.

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