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Business Policies and Procedures Manual Revisions (2004)

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252 December 21, 2004 Cost Sharing Effort,
Managing Central Travel Accounts,
Rental Cars,
Motor Pool
251 December 2, 2004 Departmental Payroll Processing,
Buying Meals or Light Refreshments for Meetings,
University Travel Charge Card,
Travel Authority,
Speaker Travel and Speaker Fees
250 November 2, 2004 Time Report for Overtime-Eligible Employees,
Travel Rates,
Privately-Owned, Rented, or Chartered Aircraft
249 October 18, 2004 Internal Audits,
Returned Checks--Prevention and Processing,
Special Course Fees for Computer Laboratories,
Remove Section 70.30,
Remove Section 70.34,
Tax Exemption Certification,
Relocation Expense Overview,
Employee Household Moves,
Taxable Relocation Expenses,
Telephone/Network Installation and Repair,
Remote Internet Access Service,
Toll Call Authorization,
Communications and Network Services Charge Detail and Summary Reports,
Telephone Dialing Procedures,
Travel Payments From Third Parties,
Travel Expense Voucher
248 October 5, 2004 Fiscal Responsibilities for Grants and Contracts,
Cost Determination Guidelines,
Form: Key Assignment Record,
Form: Public Records Request,
Motor Pool Rates
247 July 23, 2004 Personnel Action,
All-University Records Retention Schedules: Safety Records,
All-University Records Retention Schedules: Student Records,
Form: Vehicle Release Authorization
246 July 1, 2004 Internal Rule-Making Procedures,
Release of Personnel Records
245 June 16, 2004 Special Course Fees,
244 May 27, 2004 Sale or Transfer of Surplus Equipment,
Cash Handling,
Tuition Waivers--Fall and Spring Semesters,
Summer Educational Benefits,
Name Changes and Name Coding Conventions
243 March 23, 2004 Hazardous Conditions Pay,
Time Report for Overtime-Eligible Employees,
Reporting Daily Activity for Temporary Employees,
Leave Report for Excepted Work Period Classified Staff
Leave Report for Faculty and Administrative/Professional Employees
242 March 11, 2004 Effort Certification System Overview,
Completing the Effort Certification Report,
Cost Sharing Effort,
Acquiring a Photocopier
241 February 25, 2004 Form: Tuition Fee Waiver Request,
Form: Tuition Fee Waiver Request for WSU Vancouver,
Table: WSU Extension Offices Calendar Year 2004 Holiday Schedule,
Travel Rates
240 January 20, 2004 Departmental Payroll Processing,
Release of Student Education Records
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