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Business Policies and Procedures Manual Revisions (2009)

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352 December 3, 2009 Effort Certification System Overview,
Completing the Effort Certification Report
351 December 2, 2009 CougarCard,
Establishing, Naming, and Terminating WSU Accounts,
Identity Theft Prevention Program,
Confirming Purchases,
Purchasing, Using, and Recycling Multipurpose Paper,
Motor Pool,
Remove Section 95.36
350 November 5, 2009 Delegation of Appointing Authority,
Selecting Faculty Personnel,
Selecting Administrative Professional Personnel
349 October 29, 2009 WSU Pullman Departmental Storage,
Suspended Operations,
Employing Non-U.S. Citizens,
Printing Services,
Travel Rates
348 October 22, 2009 Preemployment Inquiry Guidelines,
Establishing Salary Step, Periodic Increment Date, and Probation or Trial Service for Civil Service Employees,
Layoff--Civil Service Employees,
All-University Records Retention Schedules: Safety Records
347 October 16, 2009 Form: Surplus Property Report,
Determining Pay Status--Employee or Contractor,
Classification and Reclassification,
Selecting Faculty Personnel,
Preemployment Background Checks,
Selecting Administrative Professional Personnel,
Personnel/Position/Payroll Electronic Routing Management System (PERMS),
Performance Management Evaluations,
Expenditure Authority,
All-University Records Retention Schedules: Property Management Records,
Privately-Owned Motor Vehicles
346 August 24, 2009 Form: Service Center Application,
Chapter 40: Sponsored Agreements,
Access to University Facilities,
Employment Eligibility Verification--USCIS Form I-9,
Benefit Transfer for Previous State of Washington Employment
345 July 15, 2009 Retention of Electronic Mail
344 July 9, 2009 Shared Leave
343 June 25, 2009 Form: Gift Payroll Deduction
342 June 9, 2009 Delegation of Contractual Authority,
Cash Handling,
Commercial Bank Accounts,
Recruitment for Classified Positions,
Project Employment--Civil Service,
Probationary and Trial Service Periods for Civil Service Employees,
Telework Agreements,
Layoff--Civil Service Employees,
Faculty Timecard,
Overtime-Eligible Employees,
Using Registered Student Organization (RSO) Accounts,
University Records--Retention and Disposition,
All-University Records Retention Schedules: Administrative--General Office Operations,
All-University Records Retention Schedules: Accounting/Fiscal Records,
All-University Records Retention Schedules: Payroll and Personnel Records Used Campus-Wide,
All-University Records Retention Schedules: Public Affairs and Public Disclosure Records,
All-University Records Retention Schedules: Sponsored Project Records
341 May 19, 2009 Form: WSU Receipt Authorization,
Form: WSU Receipt Request,
Direct Deposit of Excess Financial Aid Funds
340 April 30, 2009 Layoff--Civil Service Employees
339 April 24, 2009 Reasonable Accommodation,
Evidence Preservation
338 March 27, 2009 Layoff--Civil Service Employees
337 March 4, 2009 Overtime-Eligible Employees,
Release of Personnel Records
336 February 19, 2009 Improper Governmental Actions (Whistleblower Act),
Billing Receivables System (BRS)
335 January 29, 2009 Faculty Timecard,
Table: WSU Extension Offices Calendar Year 2009 Holiday Schedule,
Remove Section 85.40
334 January 9, 2009 Expense Assignment Action,
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