These are rich sources of information on thin film growth, molecular imaging, and spectroscopy on the world wide web. If you are unfamiliar with the web, this segment of the course is a great place to get your feet wet!!

Selected slides from in-class lectures in pdf format.

Electron Tunneling Spectroscopy Review

TEXT: "Enclopedia of Materials Characterization" Brundle, Evans, & Wilson [Butterworth]

TEXT: "Surface Analysis" by J. C. Vickerman [Wiley]

Homework Assignment

Leading manufacturer of AFMs

McAllister Technical -- UHV STM Maker

McAllister Technical -- UHV STM Maker

RHK: UHV AFM and STM Maker

Basic guide to Scanning Probe Microscopy [pdf format].

Basics on Physical Vapor Deposition (pdf)

Book on Atoms and Molecules at Surfaces

Basics of Chemical Vapor Deposition (pdf)

Papers & examples of nanomechanics work

MicroWorld Internet Guide to Microscopy

Hamer's Group STM research page

Hipps' Group STM & AFM research page