Representative Hipps Group Publications

Our first note on d-orbital mediated tunneling. [HTML]

FePc and NiPc and d-orbital tunneling. [PDF]

AFM study of a bacterial virus. [PDF]

STM and OMTS of Vanadyl phalocyanine. [PDF]

OMTS line shapes in diodes and in STM. [PDF]

STM-OMTS, UPS, XPS, and IR of nickel(II) octaethylporphyrin [PDF]

STM-OMTS, UPS, XPS, IR and IETS of Ni(II) and Co(II) Tetraphenylporphyrin [PDF]

Science: Perspective on Single Molecule Contacts. [PDF]

Review of IETS in Tunnel Junctions. [PDF]

A Self-organized 2-dimensional Bifunctional Structure Formed by Supramolecular Design: Letter [PDF]

2-dimensional Bifunctional Structure Formed by Supramolecular Design: Paper. [PDF]

CoPc & VOPc Multilayers. [PDF]

Redox Driven Adsorption. [PDF]

Coadsorption of CoPc and CoTPP. [PDF]

STM Based Spectroscopy Review. [PDF]

Self Assembly at the Metal Solution Interface. [PDF]

Self Assembly at Elevated Temperature. [PDF]

Nanorod Electronic Properties [PDF]

Columnar H2Pc [PDF]

Electron Affinities of MPc [PDF]

TCNQ on Graphene [PDF]

CuO nanoislands in graphene [PDF]

O2 binding to supported CoOEP [PDF]

Mechanics and structure of TSPP:TPyP [PDF]

Desorption Kinetics at the Solution Solid Interface [PDF]

Sheaf-like crystal growth [PDF]

Porphyrin Handbook chapter [PDF]

Review-Thermo_Kinetics_self_assembly [PDF]

Desorption of OEP from HOPG [PDF]

Structure-Function of porphyrin nanocrystals [PDF]


Much of this work has been supported by the National Sceince Foundation and we gratefully acknowledge their contribution. Most recently the grants CHE-1058435 and CHE-1048600 are supporting us.
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