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Our research involves a number of methods.

In the lab we use molecular tools to generate transgenic plants, fusion proteins, recombinant proteins etc., as well as biochemical tools for protein isolation, purification, and identification. Our major focus, however, is usually bioimaging and micromanipulation in order to answer questions in phloem physiology and plant pathogen interactions. Some of those methods are technically demanding. It is advantageous if you are patient and if you have basic technical skills (do you like to repair a car, like to paint, play an instrument, or any other form of creative work). Hubert Felle, Professor at the University Giessen said:" The best scientists are those with the highest potential of frustration". This is certainly true. It is not unusual that more than 90% of our micromanipulation experiments fail. However, once they work, it is very rewarding since we can answer challenging questions.

Before applying for a position, please think carefully about your committment to science. Please do not send standard application letters that get sent to numerous labs. I get many of those and they usually end in the SPAM folder. It is often beneficial to contact other PhD students from the lab (see contact information) and briefly discuss details. It is always good to get some background information. Remember, a PhD takes 4-6 years. If you feel that you would like to join our lab, feel free to contact me to discuss current opportunities.




















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