The following series of papers represent the Proceedings of the MARC IV conference have been published by the Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry as volumes 233 through 236, 1998.    Please note that some formatting of titles has been lost in translation, e.g. not all upper case letters in acronyms or formulas have been correctly translated from the JRNC text.  Papers appeared in the journal in this order.





97-256 Prototype International Quality Assurance Program J. A. Broadway, D. A. Chambless, Yu. A. Sapozhnikov, S. N. Kalmykov
97-94 On Achieving Measurement Quality In Air Pollution Studies Employing Nuclear Techniques R. Zeisler, S. F. Heller-Zeisler, A. Fajgelj
97-187 Establishing The Traceability Of Radioactivity Standards To The National Institute Of Standards And Technology (Nist) D. M. Montgomery
97-263 A Review Of Intercomparison Exercises Run By Npl From 1989-1997 S.M. Jerome, M.J. Woods
97-320 The Preparation And Utilization Of Performance Evaluation Soils For Evaluating Radioassay Laboratories Engaged In Site Remediation Work D. E. McCurdy, L. E. Kuruvilla, L. E. Fiske, C. J. Bianconi
97-260 The Preparation And Application Of Performance Evaluation Materials J.S.Morton, S.Woolf, M.C.Verwolf
97-39 Characterization And Fabrication Of Non-Destructive Assay Standards For Wipp Performance Demonstration Program A. S. Wong, R. S. Marshall
97-270 Advantages Of Synthetic Multi-Element Reference Material With Pseudo-Biological Matrix In Activation Analysis Y. Iwata, N. Suzuki
97-144 Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis For Quality Assurance Of A Hair Reference Material For Mercury Speciation 


S. F. Heller-Zeisler, M.K. Donais, R. Zeisler
97-34 Determination Of Rare Earth Elements In The Biological Reference Materials Pine Needles And Spruce Needles By Neutron Activation Analysis C.N. Machado Jr., S.P. Maria, M. Saiki, A.M.G.Figueiredo
97-196 The Certification Of A New Paint Reference Material D. Thompson, S.J. Parry, R. Benzing, J.G. Williams, K.E. Jarvis
97-302 NIST MQA For Environmental Radioactivity Measurements K.G.W. Inn 





97-155 Development Of New Expanded Editions Of The Gamma-Ray Spectrum Catalogues In Electronic Format R. L. Heath
97-92 Synth: A New Tool For Estimating Interferences In Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis W. K. Hensley, E. A. Lepel
97-62 Testing Of Different True Coincidence Correction Approaches For Gamma-Ray Spectrometry Of Voluminous Sources. V.P.Kolotov, M.J.Koskelo
97-199 Quality Assurance Features Of Hypermet-Pc B. Fazekas, J. Ostor, Z. Kiss, A. Simonits, G. L. Molnar
97-109 Monte Carlo Aided Treatments Of The Nonlinear Inverse Pgnaa Measurement Problem For Various Continuous On-Line Applications R.P. Gardner, P. Guo, A. Sood, C.W. Mayo, R.J. Gehrke, C.L. Dobbs
97-165 PCGAP: Application To Analyze Gamma-Ray Pulse-Height Spectra On A Personal Computer Under WIndows Nt E.W. Killian, L.V. East
97-85 Actual State Of High-Rate Digital Gamma Spectrometry G. P. Westphal
97-190 Using Pulse Shape Discrimination To Sort Individual Energy Deposition Events In A Germanium Crystal C. E. Aalseth, F. T. Avignone III, R. L. Brodzinski, H. S. Miley, J. H. Reeves
97-300 High Resolution Gamma Spectroscopy Well Logging System J.R. Giles, K.J. Dooley
97-189 A Miniature Stirling Cycle Cooler For Radiation Detectors R. L. Brodzinski, L. B. Penswick
97-91 Performance Testing Of Two Dual-Energy Pulsers M.J. Koskelo, G.H. Woodward, R.J. Gehrke, J.M. Hoggan, G.D. McLaughlin
97-313 The Influence Of Sample Properties And Sample Geometry On The Accuracy Of Gamma Ray Spectrometric Analyses D.A.W. Bossus, R. van Sluijs
97-86 A New Highly Efficient Set-Up For Cyclic And Pseudocyclic Short Time Activation Analysis With High Counting Rates S.S.Ismail, F. Grass, G. Westphal
97-143 Characterization And Use Of The New Nist Rapid Pneumatic Tube Irradiation Facility D. A. Becker
97-266 A Switchable Radioactive Neutron Source: Proof-Of-Principle D. L. Bowers, E. A. Rhodes, C. E. Dickerman
97-37 Low-Level Counting Techniques In The Underground Laboratory "Felsenkeller" In Dresden S. Niese, M. Koehler, B. Gleisberg
97-188 A Flexible, Self-Contained Germanium Spectrometer For The In Situ Measurement Of Gamma-Ray Emitting Radioactivity In And Around Piping E.A. Lepel, R. L. Brodzinski, R. Kohli, J. H. Reeves
97-307 Gamma Ray Imaging And Spectroscopy System Using Room-Temperature Semiconductor Detector Elements J.C. Lund, N.R. Hilton, J.E. McKisson, J.M. Van Scyoc, B.A. Brunett, H. Hermon, R.B. James
97-162 Low-Level Measurement Of Alpha-Particle Emitting Nuclei In Ceramics And Lead R.J. McDonald, A.R. Smith, D.L. Hurley, E.B. Norman
97-163 Rapid Detailed Characterization Of Concrete Shielding Blocks Utilizing Internal Natural Radionuclides For Calibration R.J. McDonald, A.R. Smith, D.L. Hurley, E.B. Norman, M.R. Schoonover
97-173 X- And Energy Gamma Ray Attenuation Metering For Environmental Pollution Control S. J. Parry , A. Eslava-Gomez
97-45 Field Deployable Tritium Analysis System For Ground And Surface Water Measurements. K. J. Hofstetter, P. R. Cable, D. M. Beals, J. E. Noakes, J. D. Spaulding, M. P. Neary, R. Peterson
97-191 Detecting 137cs Breakthrough In An Ion Exchange Process R. L. Brodzinski, M. R. Smith



97-134 A Field Deployable Airborne Sensor For The Environmental Survey Of Radionuclides E. A. Lepel, B. D. Geelhood, W.K. Hensley, W.M. Quam
97-106 Gamma Spectrometric Monitoring Of Environmental Radioactivity Using Mobile Equipment P.A. Aarnio, J.J. Ala-Heikkilä, T.T. Hakulinen , M.T. Nikkinen
97-161 A Portable, Photon Analysis Spectrometer For The Assay Of X- And Gamma-Ray Emitting Radionuclides R. J. Gehrke, E. W. Killian, L. V. East, J. M. Hoggan, S. G. Goodwin, G. D. McLaughlin
97-81 Possible Extensions Of Xia’S Digital Spectrometer Technology To Portable And Remote Monitoring Instrumentation W.K. Warburton, D.A. Darknell, B. Hubbard
97-96 Inspector: A Portable Multi-Purpose Mca M.J. Koskelo, W.A. Sielaff, M.J. Charland, H.G. Roberts
97-178 Scout, A Portable Mca System A.Y. Cheng, F.P. Ziemba, J.E. Browning, N. Szluk
97-179 Field Applications Of The Scout Portable Mca A.Y. Cheng, F.P. Ziemba, J.E. Browning
97-314 Physics-Based Generation Of Gamma-Ray Response Functions For CdZnTe Detectors 


T. H. Prettyman
97-167 High Performance Gamma Spectroscopy Measurements Of Equipment Retrieved From Hanford High Level Nuclear Waste Tanks G. L. Troyer, K. E. Hillesand, S. G. Goodwin, S. F. Kessler, E. W. Killian, D. Legare, J. V. Nelson, Jr., R. F. Richard, E. M. Nordquist
97-89 Quantitative Portable Gamma Spectroscopy Sample Analysis For Non-Standard Geometries M.E. Enghauser, S.B. Ebara
97-180 Rapid Monitoring Of Gaseous Fission Products Released From Nuclear Power Stations C. Chung, C. Y. Chen, C.S. Lin, W. W. Yeh, C.J. Lee 





97-267 Neutron Activation Analysis: Future Development In A Historical Perspective M. De Bruin
97-284 A Survey Of Recent K0-Naa Developments And Applications In Europe F. De Corte
97-288 Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis Of Environmental Samples By Using The Ko- Standardization Method S. B. Sarmani, I. Abugassa, A. Hamzah
97-200 Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis Using The K0 Approach G. L. Molnar, Zs. Revay, R. L. Paul, R. M. Lindstrom
97-242 Analysis Of Archeology Samples By The Internal Monostandard Method Of Pgaa K. Sueki, Y. Oura, W. Sato, K. Kobayashi, H. Nakahara, T. Tomizawa
97-164 Use Of Low-Background Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis To Measure Contaminants In Silicon And Biological Samples R.J. McDonald, A.R. Smith, D.L. Hurley, E.B. Norman
97-218 Neutron Activation Analysis Of Ultrapure Water In A 500ml Silicon Single Crystal Irradiation Flask G. Angloher, Th. Goldbrunner, R. v. Hentig, F. v. Feilitzsch
97-152 Ultrasensitive Determination Of K, Th, U And Other Impurities In Liquid Organic Scintillators With Naa T. Goldbrunner, R.v. Hentig, G. Angloher , F.v. Feilitzsch
97-43 Determination Of Phosphorus In Polymers By Inaa J. St-Pierre, G. Kennedy
97-99 Determination Of Phosphorus In Steels By Radiochemical Neutron Activation Analysis R. L. Paul
97-159 Nitrogen Distribution Measurements By Neutron Induced Autoradiography Z. En, J. S. Brenizer, B. Hosticka, J. Gao, D.A. Becker
97-280 Determination Of 232th In Human Tissues By Radiochemical Neutron Activation Analysis With Yield Determination Using 227th S.E. Glover, R.H. Filby, S. Clark
97-238 An Ion Exchange Technique For Separation Of Na And K For Neutron Activation Analysis Of W-Ti Alloy N.B. Kim, M.R. Raulerson, W.D. James
97-72 Determination Of Trace Elements In High Purity Copper By Inaa, Gfaas And Icp/Aes J.H. Lee, J.S. Kim, K.H. Cho, J.C. Woo, M.S. Han, Y.S. Chung
97-48 PIXE Analysis Of Prehistoric And Protohistoric Caborn-Welborn Phase Copper Artifacts From The Lower Ohio River Valley. H. K. Gersch, J.D. Robertson, A.G. Henderson, D. Pollack, C.A. Munson
97-232 Precise Determination Of Macrocontents Of Nitrogen In Titanium-Carbonitride By Photon Activation Analysis W. Goerner, A. Berger, P. Jost
97-241 Stability Of Metallofullerenes Following Neutron Capture On The Metal Ion K. Sueki, K. Kikuchi, K. Tomura, H. Nakahara
97-318 Nuclear-Physical Method In Oil Geology And Industry Of Kazakhstan V.P. Solodukhin
97-27 Pulsed Neutron-Based On-Line Coal Analysis L. Dep, M. Belbot, G. Vourvopoulos, S.Sudar
97-203 From Potential To Reality: Yeasts Derived From Ethanol Production For Animal Nutrition. E. A. N. Fernandes, N. Nepomuceno, A. Trevizam, H. V. Amorim
97-248 Performance Of The University Of Texas Cold - Neutron Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis Facility 


C. Ríos-Martínez, K. Ünlü, B. W. Wehring



97-296 Development Of Accelerator Mass Spectrometry For Detection Of Technetium-99: Preliminary Investigations J.E. McAninch, A.A. Marchetti, B.A. Bergquist, N.J. Stoyer, G.J. Nimz, M.W. Caffee, R.C. Finkel, K.J. Moody, E. Sideras-Haddad, B.A. Buchholz, B.K. Esser, I.D. Proctor
97-183 Application Of Icp-Ms Radionuclide Analysis To "Real World" Samples Of Department Of Energy Radioactive Waste A.M. Meeks, J.M. Giaquinto, J.M. Keller
97-182 Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer Installation Modifications In A Radioactive Contaminated Laboratory For The Analysis Of Doe Waste Streams J.M. Giaquinto, J.M. Keller, A.M. Meeks
97-185 Neptunium Determination By Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (Icp-Ms) D. E. Vance, V. F. Belt, T. J. Oatts, D.K. Mann
97-287 Comparison Of A Radiation Counting Method And Icp-Ms For The Determination Of Tc-99 In Environmental Samples K. Tagami, S. Uchida, M. Garcia-Leon
97-225 Determination Of 129i By Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (Icp/Ms) O.T. Farmer III, C.J. Barinaga, D.W. Koppenaal
97-100 Determination OF Long-Lived Fission Products And Actinides In Savannah River Site Hlw Sludge And Glass For Waste Acceptance 


N. E. Bibler, W.F. Kinard, W.T. Boyce, C.J. Coleman



97-227 Actinide Bioassays By Icpms E.J. Wyse, J.A. MacLellan, C.W. Lindenmeier, J.P. Bramson, D.W. Koppenaal
97-49 Analysis For Actinides In Tissue Samples From Plutonium Workers Of Two Countries. R. E. Filipy, V.F. Khokhryakov, K. G. Suslova, S. A. Romanov, D. B. Stuit, E.E. Aladova and R. L. Kathren.
97-294 Preconcentration Of Actinides Using The Actinide-Cu Resin For Human Tissue Analysis Hongguo Qu, Royston H. Filby
97-286 Pre-Concentration And Separation Of Thorium, Uranium, Plutonium And Americium In Human Soft Tissues By Extraction Chromatography C. A. Moody, D. Stuit, S. E. Glover, R. H. Filby
97-285 Use Of Combined Alpha Spectrometry And Fission Track Analysis For The Determination Of 239pu/240pu Atom Ratios In Human Tissue S.F. Love, S.E. Glover, D.B. Stuit, R.L. Kathren, R.H. Filby
97-271 Determination Of Plutonium-239/240 Ratios In Low Activity Samples Using High Resolution Alpha-Spectroscopy S.P. LaMont, S.E. Glover, R.H. Filby
97-295 Determination Of Isotopic Thorium In Biological And Environmental Samples By Combined Alpha Spectrometry And Neutron Activation Analysis. S.E. Glover, R.H. Filby, S. Clark
97-42 Classification Of Alpha-Active Workplace Aerosols Based On Coefficient Of Transportability, Measuring By The Dialysis Method V.F.Khokhryakov, K.G.Suslova, I.A. Tseveloyova, E.E.Aladova, R.E. Filipy
97-281 Optimization And Characterization Of A Sulfate Based Electrodeposition Method For Alpha Spectroscopy Of Actinide Elements Using Chemometric Analysis S.E. Glover, R.H. Filby, S. Clark
97-217 Evaluation Of Synthetic Water-Soluble Metal-Binding Polymers With Ultrafiltration For Selective Concentration Of Americium And Plutonium B. F. Smith, R. R. Gibson, G. D. Jarvinen, M.M. Jones, M.T. Lu, T. W. Robison, N.C. Schroeder, N. Stalnaker
97-216 Preconcentration Of Low Levels Of Americium And Plutonium From Waste Waters By Synthetic Water-Soluble Metal-Binding Polymers With Ultrafiltration B.FSmith, R.R. Gibson, G.D. Jarvinen, T.W. Robison, N.C. Schroeder, N.C. Stalnaker,
97-219 Automation Of Radiochemical Analysis By Flow Injection Techniques: Am-Pu Separation Using Tru-Resin Sorbent Extraction Column O. Egorov, J. W. Grate, J. Ruzicka
97-222 In Situ Examination Of Uranium Contaminated Soil Particles By Micro-X-Ray Absorption And Micro-Fluorescence Spectroscopies D.B. Hunter, P.M.Bertsch
97-30 Behavior Of Plutonium Isotopes In The Marine Environment Of Enewetak Atoll V.E. Noshkin, W.L. Robison, K.M. Wong, R.J. Eagle
97-44 Geochemical Partitioning Of Actinides Using Sequential Chemical Extractions: Comparison To Stable Elements M. K. Schultz, K. G. W. Inn, W. C. Burnett, G. Smith
97-207 The Effect Of Sample Matrix Quenching On The Measurement Of Trace Uranium Concentrations In Aqueous Solutions Using Kinetic Phosphorimetry A. G. Sowder, S. B. Clark , R. A. Fjeld
97-50 Direct Analysis Of Air Filter Samples For Alpha Emitting Isotopes A. H. Mohagheghi, F. Ghanbari, S.B. Ebara, M. E. Enghauser, and S. N. Bakhtiar
97-137 Measurement Of Baseline Atmospheric Plutonium-239,240 And Americium-241 In The Vicinity Of The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant S.C. Lee, K.A. Orlandini, J. Webb, D. Schoep, T. Kirschner, D.J. Fingleton
97-156 Plutonium And Americium Concentrations And Vertical Profiles In Some Italian Mosses Used As Bioindicators C. Testa, S. Degetto, G. Jia, D. Desideri, M.A. Meli, F. Guerra
97-110 Adsorption Of Europium(Iii) And Americium(Iii) On Kaolinite And Montmorillonite In The Presence Of Humic Acid Y. Takahashi, Y. Minai, T. Kimura, T. Tominaga
97-5 Transuranic Elements Alpha Particle Energy Analysis Using Nuclear Track In Solids Methodology. G.Espinosa, R.J.Silva
97-261 Electroplating Versus Microprecipitation Of The Actinides In Alpha Spectroscopic Analysis C.A. Luskus
97-192 The Scintillation Method For Determination Alpha- Actinide Activities In Samples V.F.Khokhryakov, T.I.Kudravtseva, V.I.Chernikov, K.G. Suslova, I.A.Orlova, R.E. Filipy



97-239 Direct-Scanning Alpha Spectrometer For Americium And Plutonium Contamination On Highly Enriched Uranium Surfaces W. C. Ward, H.E. Martinez, C.L. Abeyta, A.N. Morgan, T.O. Nelson
97-240 Applications Of Laser Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Using An Optical Parametric Oscillator To The Study Of Complexation Equilibria In Dilute Aqueous Solutions W. F. Kinard, D.B. Hunter, S.B. Clark
97-168 Determination Of Theoretical Rate Constants For The Reduction Reaction Of Lanthanide Ions By Hydrated Electrons K-P Lee, K-S Park, D-W Kang, Y. Yamada, S. Ohno
97-32 Reducing Pu(Iv) To Pu(Iii) With Hydroxylamine In Nitric Acid Solutions. S.L.Yarbro, S.B. Schreiber, E.M. Ortiz , R.L. Ames
97-142 Plutonium (IV) Mononitrate And Dinitrate Complex Formation In Acid Solutions As A Function Of Ionic Strength J. M. Berg, D. K. Veirs, R.B. Vaughn, M.A. Cisneros, C. A. Smith
97-237 Open-Celled Polymeric Foam Monoliths For Heavy Metal Separations Study B. C. Benicewicz, G. D. Jarvinen, D. J. Kathios, B. S. Jorgensen
97-52 New Bifunctional Anion-Exchange Resins For Nuclear Waste Treatment - Part Ii S. F. Marsh, G. D. Jarvinen, R. A. Bartsch, J. Nam, M. E. Barr
97-95 Zone Refining Of Plutonium Metal M. S. Blau
97-138 Relationship Between Isotopic Uranium Activities And Total Uranium At Various Uranium Enrichments T. L. Rucker, C. M. Johnson, Jr.



97-41 The Development Of A Thermal Neutron Activation (Tna) System As A Confirmatory Non-Metallic Land Mine Detector. T. Cousins, T.A. Jones, J.R. Brisson, J.E. McFee, T.J. Jamieson, E.J. Waller, F.J. LeMay, H. Ing, E.T.H. Clifford, E.B. Selkirk
97-78 On The Imaging Of Land Mines Using e+ - e- Pair Production J.F. Crawford, J. Arkuszewski, S. Ritt, D. Suwannakachorn
97-135 Global Radionuclide Monitoring In Near-Real Time For Verfication Of The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty L.R. Mason, J.D. Bohner , D.L. Williams
97-136 Airborne Anthropogenic Radioactivity Measurements From An International Monitoring System L.R. Mason, J.D. Bohner, D.L. Williams
97-4 Automated Separation And Measurement Of Radio-Xenon For The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. T.W. Bowyer, K.H. Abel, C.W. Hubbard, A.D. McKinnon, M.E. Panisko, R.W. Perkins, P.L. Reeder, R.C. Thompson, R.A. Warner
97-255 A Description Of The Doe Radionuclide Aerosol Sampler/Analyzer For The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty H.S. Miley, S.M. Bowyer, C.W. Hubbard, A. D. McKinnon, R.W. Perkins, R.C. Thompson, R.A. Warner
97-157 Beta-Gamma Counting System For Xe Fission Products P. L. Reeder, T. W. Bowyer, R. W. Perkins
97-107 Application Of The Nuclide Identification System Shaman In Monitoring The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty P.A. Aarnio, J.J. Ala-Heikkilä, T.T. Hakulinen, M.T. Nikkinen
97-151 Real-Time Airborne Radiation Analysis And Collection (RTARAC) J.E. Smart
97-145 Analysis Of Gamma-Ray Spectra From An Aircraft-Mounted Array Of High-Resolution Sensors B.D. Geelhood
97-257 Environmental Measurements With A Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Radionuclide Particulate Monitor A.D. McKinnon, S.M. Bowyer, C.W. Hubbard, H.S. Miley, R.W. Perkins, R.C. Thompson, R.A. Warner
97-158 Radiochemistry Of The 3m¬ Sbmf-40vf Filter Media Used By The Doe Ctbt Radionuclide Aerosol Sampler/Analyzer (Rasa) S.M. Bowyer, D.C. Gerlach, H.S. Miley, S.L. Pratt, C.W. Thomas, J.F. Wacker, M.J. Kniedler
97-310 Reducing Nuclear Danger Through Intergovernmental Technical Exchanges On Nuclear Materials Safety Management 




L. J. Jardine, K. L. Peddicord, F. E. Witmer, P. F. Krumpe, L. Lazarev , M. Moshkov
97-148 Nuclear Forensics In Law Enforcement Applications P.M. Grant, K.J. Moody, I.D. Hutcheon, D.L. Phinney, R.E. Whipple, J.S. Haas, A. Alcaraz, J.E. Andrews, G.L. Klunder, R.E. Russo, T.E. Fickies, G.E. Pelkey, B.D. Andresen, D.A. Kruchten, S. Cantlin
97-63 Environmental Radiation And Radioactivity In The Vicinity Of The Semipalatinsk Test Site. P. Shebell, A. R. Hutter



97-84 Radiocesium Contamination In Belgium S.Pommé, J.-L. Genicot, F. Hardeman, J.Uyttenhove, B. Van Waeyenberge, J.-P. Culot
97-316 Some Aspects Of Determination Of Radionuclides Of Former Semipalatinsk Test Site Soil I.V.Kazachevskiy, V.P.Solodukhin, S.Khajekber, L.N.Smirin, G.N.Chumikov, S.N.Lukashenko.
97-299 Radioactivity On The Montenegrin Coast, Yugoslavia P. Vukotic, G. I. Borisov, V. V. Kuzmic, N. Antovic, S. Dapcevic, V. V. Uvarov, V.M. Kulakov
97-170 A Recent Drilling Program To Investigate Radionuclide Migration At The Nevada Test Site D. K. Smith
97-9 Release Of Uranium And Emission Of Radiation From Uranium-Glazed Dinnerware. R. W. Sheets, S. L. Turpen
97-38 Direct Counting Of Soil Wafers - An Improved Total Alpha/Beta Screening Analysis. W.C. Burnett, R. Wong, S.B. Clark, B. Crandall
97-205 Natural Radionuclides As Dirt Tracers In Sugar Cane Consignments M. A. Bacchi, E. A. N. Fernandes
97-251 Operationally Defined Availability From Sequential Extractions Compared To Plant Uptake Of 137cs And 90sr T. G. Hinton, M.A. Malek, C. Sherony, S. B. Clark
97-70 Studies On Uptake Of Cesium By Mycelium Of The Mushroom (Pleurotus Ostreatus) By 133cs-Nmr C. Kuwahara, T. Watanuki, K. Matsushita, M. Nishina, H . Sugiyama
97-174 Influence Of Alkali Elements On Accumulation Of Radiocesium By Mushrooms H. Terada, H. Shibata, F. Kato, H. Sugiyama
97-98 Method For Rapid Tritiated Water Extraction From Environmental Samples R. Failor, L. Belovodsky, V. Gaevoy, A. Golubev



97-36 Application Of Instrumental Radioanalytical Techniques To Nuclear Waste Testing And Characterization. S. F. Wolf
97-10 Gamma Radiolyis Of Edta In A Simulated, Mixed Nuclear Waste. A. P. Toste
97-118 A New Waste Minimization Method For The Determination Of Total Nonhalogenated Volatile Organic Compounds In Tru Wastes M. E. Cournoyer, W. Sandoval, L. Bustos, D. Quintana, L. Ortega
97-119 The Determination Of 63ni And 99tc In Class "C" Waste By Ion Chromatography And Scintillation Detection C. D. Morgan, S. M. Frank, C. Monahan , A. P. Maddison
97-121 Separation Of Neptunium, Plutonium, Americium And Curium From Uranium With Di-(2-Ethylhexyl)-Phosphoric Acid (Hdehp) For Radiometric And Icp-Ms Analysis H. Ramebäck, M. Skålberg
97-147 Gas Generation From Contact Of Radioactive Waste And Brine W. K. Hollis, K. Velarde, J.Lashley, L. Bustos, M. Cournoyer, R. Villarreal



97-17 Trace Elements In The Atmospheric Particulate Of Milan And Suburban Areas : A Study Carried Out By Inaa. M. Gallorini, P. A. Borroni, M. Bonardi , A. Rolla
97-123 Measurement Of Bromide Ion Used As A Solute-Transport Monitor Via Epithermal Neutron Activation Analysis H.V. Kazemi, J.S. Morris, S.H. Anderson, C.J. Gantzer, G.A. Buyanovsky
97-47 A Radiochemical Neutron Activation Analysis Method For The Determination Of Total Mercury In Coal L. J. Blanchard, J. D. Robertson
97- 97 Kinetic Study Of Manganese Behaviour In The Scheldt Estuary V. Herzl, N. Roevros
97-60 Preliminary Study On Mercury Distribution In Soil Profiles From Serra Do Navio, Amapa, Using Radiochemical Neutron Activation Analysis C. Gonçalves, D.I.T. Fávaro, S.M.B. De Oliveira, R. Boulet, M.B.A. Vasconcellos, M. Saiki
97-311 Neutron Activation Analysis Of Ivory Of African Elephants(Ii) T. Takeuchi, Y. Nakano, H. Koike
97-279 The Use Of Charcoal From Agriculture Waste In The Speciation Of Iodine From Well And River Waters A. M. Yusof, S. K. Gill, A. K. H. Wood
97-244 Influence Of Aluminum On The Uptake Of Various Cations From A Solution Into Carrots 


T. Ozaki, S. Enomoto, Y. Minai, S. Ambe, F. Ambe, Y. Makide
97-120 Determination Of Extractable Organic Bromine And Chlorine In Biological Compartments Of Atlantic Cod (Gadus Morhua) By Neutron Activation Analysis J. W. Kiceniuk, B. Zwicker, A. Chatt
97-103 Multitracer Study Of Acid Rain Effect On Adsorption Of Trace Elements On Soils H. F. Wang, S. Ambe, N. Takematsu, F. Ambe 





97-221 Biomedical Neutron Research At The Californium User Facility For Neutron Science R. C. Martin, T. E. Byrne, L.F. Miller
97-229 Hierarchical Clustering Into Groups Of Human Brain Regions According To Elemental Composition J. D. Stedman, N. M. Spyrou
97-64 Total Body Fat Mass Based On The 4.4 Mev Carbon Peak In The In Vivo Prompt-Gamma Spectrum Of The Human Body Using 241am,Be Neutrons. K.J. Ellis, R.J. Shypailo
97-80 In Vivo Total Body Chlorine Measurements Using Prompt-Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis R.J. Shypailo, K.J. Ellis
97-40 Determination Of Trace Elements In Human Head Hair By Neutron Activation Analysis. M. Saiki, M. B. A. Vasconcellos, L. J. De Arauz, R. Fulfaro
97-126 Comparison Of Whole Blood, Plasma And Nails As Monitors For The Dietary Intake Of Selenium M.M. Mason, J.S. Morris, V.L. Spate, C.K. Baskett, T.A. Nichols, T.L. Horsman, L Le Marchand, L.N. Kolonel, S. Yukimoto
97-3 Correlation Between Terbium And The Other Rare Earth Element Contents In Fern Leaves J.Takada, T.Sumino, Y.Tanaka, K.Nishimura, M.Akaboshi
97-129 The Effect Of An Enriched Selenium-76 Supplement On Dietary Monitors And Glutathione Peroxidase Activity C. K. Baskett, J. S. Morris, V. L. Spate, M. M. Mason, T. P. Cheng, T. A. Nichols, H. D. Anderson, C. J. Tharp, T. Horsman, R. P. Dowdy
97-111 Elemental Composition Of Hypertrophic Scar And Normal Skin Tissue Using Proton Induced X-Ray Emission R. Hollands, N.M. Spyrou
97-122 The Study Of Human Nails As An Intake Monitor For Arsenic Using Neutron Activation Analysis T.A. Nichols, J.S. Morris, M.M. Mason, V.L. Spate, C.K. Baskett, T.P. Cheng, C.J. Tharp, J.A. Scott, T.L. Horsman, J. W. Colbert, A.E. Rawson, M.R. Karagas, V. Stannard
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