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R. Quinlan

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Papers Available in PDF:

Extrinsic Mortality Effects on Reproductive Strategies in a Caribbean Community. (n.d.) under review (Presented at the American Anthropological Association 2008)

Human Pair-bonds: Evolved Functions, Ecological Variation, and Adaptive Development.(pdf) (2008) Evolutionary Anthropology. Quinlan, R.

Kinship, Family & Gender Effects in the Ultimatum Game (pdf)  (2008) Human Nature. Human Nature. 19: 294-309. Macfarlan, S. & Quinlan, R.

New Genealogy: It's not just for kinship anymore. (2008) Field Methods 20(2):129-154. Quinlan, R. & Hagen, E.

Human Lactation, Pair-bonds & Alloparents: A Cross-Cultural Analysis.(pdf) (2008) Human Nature. 19(2):87-102. Quinlan, R. & Quinlan, M.

Modernization and Medicinal Plant Knowledge in Caribbean Horticultural Village. (2007) Medical Anthropology Quarterly. 21(2):169-92.       Quinlan, M. & Quinlan, R.

Evolutionary Ecology of Human Pair-Bonds: Cross-Cultural Tests of Alternative Hypotheses.(pdf)  (2007) Cross-Cultural Research.41(2):149-69  Quinlan, R. & Quinlan, M.

Human Parental Effort & Environmental Risk.(pdf)  (2007) Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. 274(1606):121-125. Quinlan, R.

Parenting & Cultures of Risk: A Comparative Analysis of Infidelity, Aggression & Witchcraft.(pdf) (2007) American Anthropologist. 109(2):in press. Quinlan, R. & Quinlan, M.

Gender and Risk in a Matrifocal Caribbean Community: A View from Behavioral Ecology.(pdf) (2006) American Anthropologist 108(3):469-79. Quinlan, R.

Local Resource Enhancement & Sex-biased Breastfeeding in a Caribbean Community.(pdf) (2005) Current Anthropology. 46(3):471-480. Quinlan, R., Quinlan, M. & Flinn, M.

Kinship, Sex & Fitness in a Caribbean Community.(pdf)  (2005) Human Nature. 16(1):32-57. Quinlan, R. & Flinn, M.

Kinship, Gender & Migration from a Rural Caribbean Community. (pdf) (2005) Migration Letters. 2(1):2-12. R. Quinlan

Father-Absence, Parental Care & Female Reproductive Development. (pdf) (2003) Evolution & Human Behavior. 24(6): 376-390. Quinlan, R.

Parental Investment & Age at Weaning in a Caribbean Village.(pdf) (2003) Evolution and Human Behavior. 24: 1-16. Quinlan, R., Quinlan, M. & Flinn, M.


Papers available by request:

Gurven, M., Borgerhoff Mulder, M,. Bowles, S., Hooper, P. Kaplan, H., Quinlan, R., Sear, S., Schniter, E., von Rueden, C., Bell, A., & Hertz, T. (in press) Intergenerational Wealth Transmission and Inequality among Horticulturalists. Current Anthropology.

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Quinlan, M. & Quinlan, R. 2006. Balancing the System: Humoral Medicine & Food in the Commonwealth of Dominica. In Eating and Healing: Exploration of Wild and Domesticated Plants and Animals as Food and Medicine, A. Pieroni and L. Price, Eds.Binghamton, NY: Haworth Press.

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