Foremost diversion and constant companion: Danielle Eastman

Ben Nadler on 'The Pearl' in Red Rocks, NV

David Raska on the famed 'Problem Child' in Deep Creek, WA

John Powell enjoying sunny California

Dusty Ross and Kristy Glenn, post-engagement, in CO

Kaya enjoying crypsis in Red Rocks, NV

Libby attempting to confuse people.

Marcela Raskova climbing in Deep Creek, WA

Paul Nadler on 'The Hulk' in Bishop, CA

Not too shabby (but very typical) sunset, from our deck in Pullman, WA

Pawel Szafruga, disturbed, somewhere at Smith Rock, OR

Jon Eastman considering the 'Checkerboard' in Bishop, CA

Tyler, Heather, and Mia Eastman enjoying some sunshine in Coralville, IA

Tyler, Jon, Chris, and Mia (mostly hidden) atop Kamiak Butte, WA

Tyler Eastman anxiously awaiting the big break in the flatlands, IA