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The donation of one's body after death is a thoughtful and unique contribution to the education of future health care providers - a generous gift for which our students and faculty are deeply grateful. Anatomy is one of the most important courses in the health sciences, serving as a foundation for other disciplines such as physiology, pathology, neurology, and surgery. Body donation for anatomical study is important for maintaining our program's teaching activities and enhancing our university's commitment to teaching excellence. Dignity and respect for donated bodies is maintained at all times.

The Willed Body Program at Washington State University has been in operation since 1972. Hundreds of students each year study in our Human Anatomy Laboratory. These students represent a broad range of medical and allied health fields, including first-year medical students in the WWAMI program, pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-physical therapy, pharmacy, nursing, and nutrition students. There are undoubtedly thousands of former WSU and University of Idaho anatomy students working as health care providers in the Pacific Northwest.

Individuals interested in body donation should contact the WWAMI Medical Education Program office at (509) 335-2602 to request the necessary forms. You may also download the forms from our website. Be aware that this paperwork is in no way a binding or legal agreement. Our acceptance of these forms does not guarantee acceptance of a body donation. We advise the family or survivors to make alternate arrangements in the event that a body is not useful to our program.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions page for further information about our body donation program.

Contact us at:

Washington State University
WWAMI Medical Education Program
PO Box 643510
Morrill Hall Room 108
Pullman, WA 99164-3510
Phone: 509-335-2602
Fax: 509-335-7420

David Conley, PhD
Willed Body Program Director

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