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USDA-ARS Western Wheat Quality Laboratory


About Us - Our Mission

Meet the Staff - Meet the staff - Let us show you our pearly whites!

W.A.S. - Welcome Page - The heart of the lab. Look here for information on test methods, element abbreviations, data, and software used by the cultivar development team.

Description of Abbreviations


Interpretation of Data



N°1 - Buhler Experimental Mill

N°2 - Modified Quadrumat Milling

N°3 - Micro Milling

N°4 - Mixogram Reference Chart

Regional Quality Data - Western Regional Nurseries - Specific comments on the WRN 1996/ 1997 and 1997/1998 crop year.

Variery Quality Scores - Progress Report of cooperative investigations of the milling and baking characteristics of current commercial varieties and new germplasm of wheat grown in the Western United States.

Puroindoline Genotype Database - The WWQL has established this database as a service to wheat researchers and breeders.

Puroindoline locus



Recent Publications - A listing of published material from the WWQL.

Links - Links - Check out some other cool USDA and agricultural related pages.

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