19th Century American
Literary, Historical, and Cultural Studies

Online Resources

This site is designed to bring together at one place the best materials available on the Web for studying and teaching about 19th century American literature, history and culture. Our aim is to make the site useful to teachers, scholars and students at all levels of education. We recognize the uneven nature of Web-based scholarship and would remind users that few topics, if any, can be adequately researched only online without recourse to libraries and other traditional scholarly resources.

Currently, the site is organized into the following categories: "Historical Periods & Topics" (general interest and topical sites arranged chronologically); "Historical Figures" (primarily political, but including some social and cultural figures); "Authors & Texts" (several dozen major and minor writers, and access to hundreds of texts); "Historical Documents" (arranged chronologically); "Maps and Visual Culture" (access hundreds of maps, photographs, cartoons, and other pieces of visual culture). Like all the rest of the Web, this site is always under construction (and deconstruction), so we welcome suggestions for additions, corrections, updates and other changes.

Slave Quilt, ca. 1850