The Environment and Culture Caucus
of the American Studies Association

The Environment and Culture Caucus works within the American Studies Association to promote further work on the environment, broadly understood,. We sponsor a panel each year at the ASA national meeting, work to organize numerous other panels on environmental issues at the conference, and engage in a variety of efforts to raise the profile of environmental work within and around American Studies as a field. We are interested especially in furthering work that reflects historical and cultural analysis of environmental issues and concerns to demonstrate the relevance of environmental scholarship to the central issues of race, class, gender, sexuality and colonialism at the heart of much work in American culture studies.


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MEMBERSHIP & LISTSERV: To become a member, or to join the ECC LISTSERV, please write to ECC Listserv

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ANNETTE KOLODNY PRIZE: We also sponsor a prize for the best paper on an environmental theme at the ASA conference. The prize includes a cash award. For information on the "Annette Kolodny Prize," please contact Joni Adamson

LINKS: Two key links that reflect the kind of work done by many in the caucus:

ASLE Site of the "Association for the Study of Literature and Environment."

Environmental Justice Cultural Studies Site for the study of culture and environmental justice at Washington State University.