There are six assignments in this course.

Project #1:  Photoshop Collage due 1/25 || worth 50 pts
This is a smaller project that serves to familiarize you with Photoshop.  This project asks you to create a collage that represents who you are to the class (or who you want to represent).

Project #2:  iMovie Arguments due 2/1 || worth 200 pts
This project asks you to make 2 short iMovie slideshows. Each slideshow will be an argument on anything of your choosing.  The first iMovie must include ONLY pictures, and the second will include pictures and words.  You will write a short paper justifying your rhetorical choices.

Project #3:  Personal Portfolio due 3/1 || worth 100 pts
This project asks you to create a portfolio to post class work throughout the semester, and it also serves as your first web assignment. The portfolio should be designed in a usable way that represents how you want to come across to the class and to me.

Project #4:  Rhetorical Analysis Hypertext due 3/27 and 3/29 || worth 200 pts
This project asks you to find two arguments on the same issue. The first must be a traditional print-based argument, while the second must be a non-traditional multimodal argument. You will compare/contrast the rhetorical strategies used in each argument through the production of a hypertext. 

Project #5:  Professional Website (group work) due 4/24 and 4/26 || worth 200 pts
This project involves working in small groups to create a professional website for a real or imagined client. Throughout the course of this project you will write a proposal, perform usability testing, and prepare a professional presentation whereby you try to sell your design to the class.

Project #6:  Reading Response Blog (ongoing throughout semester) ongoing || worth 150 pts
You will set up a blog at the location of your choice (I recommend Blogger, but it’s up to you). Most reading assignments in this class will require a blog response.  Responses should be thoughtful and include direct references to the reading itself.