Instructor: Dr. Kristin Arola
Classroom: Thom 5
Office: Avery 309
Classtime: Tu, Th 12:00-1:15
Office Hours: W 10-noon or by appointment
Phone: 335-8742

Course Description
The purpose of English/DTC 355 is to encourage you to question how rhetoric functions in and through non-traditional mediums. Specifically, we will examine how arguments are constructed through visual, alphabetic, auditory, and multimodal means. We will focus primarily on digital texts and the ways that rhetors construct arguments through not only their word choices, but also through the use of images, sounds, arrangements, colors, shapes, sizes, and fonts. We will analyze the ways rhetors construct arguments through multimedia, and we will also create our own multimedia texts.

This is a computer-intensive course, yet the goal of this course IS NOT to become a whiz at software or web coding. Instead, together we will learn to use Photoshop, iMovie, Dreamweaver, CSS, and HTML in order to create rhetorically saavy multimedia texts. I will offer small in-class workshops on the various software programs you will need to complete the assignments for this class, but if you want to learn more or feel you need more instruction, I recommend you register for English 300a 1 credit workshop class where you can further explore multimedia software programs. For more information, visit

Course Objectives


Required Texts (costs were intentionally kept down, so PLEASE buy the books)

Attendance: Because we will be working collaboratively on many assignments, and because learning is a communal effort, your regular attendance is vital.  Each absence beyond three will result in a loss of 50 points. Extensive tardiness will be considered in assessing absences.

Late work: Acceptance of late work is unusual and must be discussed in conference with the teacher. Late work will receive a lowered grade if turned in within one week of the original due date. Work turned in later than one week past the original due date will be given an automatic grade of F.

Students with Disabilities:  I am committed to providing assistance to help you be successful in this course. Reasonable accommodations are available for students with a documented disability.  Please visit the Disability Resource Center (DRC) during the first two weeks of every semester to seek information or to qualify for accommodations.  All accommodations MUST be approved through the DRC (Admin Annex Bldg, Rooms 205). Call 509 335 3417 to make an appointment with a disability counselor.

Academic Honesty: All students are expected to act in accordance with the WSU policies on Academic Honesty found in the Student Handbook. These policies include falsification of information, fabrication of information, plagiarism, multiple submissions, and various others. Information about these policies can be found in the Handbook. These policies will be discussed in class and students will be asked to acknowledge that discussion and a basic understanding of the policies. For additional information on the plagiarism, WSU has a great new site at