Castro = Visual Quickstart Guide
Nielsen, Loranger = Prioritizing Web Usability
Goto and Coulter = Web ReDesign 2.0


This schedule is subject to change:

Week 1 In-Class Activity Due
1/8 - Photoshop demo ---
Week 2 In-Class Activity Due

- Building Blocks, Web Page Files and Images

- Design: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

-Visual Introduction due

- Read Intro, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 5 of Castro

Week 3 In-Class Activity Due

- XHTML and CSS demo

- work on class Portfolio

- Read Chapters 4, 7, 8, 9, and 10 of Castro (p 69-81, 119-168)

- Bring 2 mockups (printed out) of your Class Portfolio and a typed one page description of your design choices. In the write-up, consider using the language of good/bad/ugly design you generated during class on 1/15.

Week 4 In-Class Activity Due

- Class portfolio presentation

- CSS Module due by the end of class

(note: after your first pass, BEFORE you do the steps at the end, module 1 should look like this, and module 2 like this. )

- Read Chapters 11, 12, and 15 of Castro (pp 169-198, 215-226)

-Class Portfolio DUE by Thursday 1/31 at NOON. Email me the address and make sure that it validates at http://validator.w3.org/

Week 5 In-Class Activity Due

Dreamweaver demo


Project Descriptions

- Read Handouts

- Read Nielsen, Loranger Chapters 1-3 (pp 3-122)

- Project descriptions due

Week 6 In-Class Activity Due

Usability- Readibility

In-Class Assignment

- Read Nielsen, Loranger Chapters 7, 8 (pp 213-281)

- Read Castro Chapter 22 and 23 (pp 339-360)

- Draft of individual website due (at least the template)

Week 7 In-Class Activity Due


Visit from Service Learning

Client Meeting

- Individual Website DUE

Week 8 In-Class Activity Due

Project Management

Comparable/Competitive Website Analysis


-Read Goto and Coulter, Chapters 1- 3, 10 (9-86. 259-276)

-Read all information from client as well as steps for Project 3

- Written project plan due by end of class

-Details specific to today's activity

Week 9 In-Class Activity Due

Concept Presentations (mockups DUE!)

Week 10 In-Class Activity Due

Info Architecture

- Read Nielsen and Loranger Chapter 6 (171-212)

- Read Goto and Coulter, Chapter 4 (87-118)

Week 11 In-Class Activity Due
3/25 up for grabs

Site Map and Rationale Due

Week 12 In-Class Activity Due

Preparing to Handoff

Preparing for Usability Test

- Read Goto and Coulter, Chapter 7 (179-210)

- Read Goto and Coulter, Chapter 8 (211-231)

Week 13 In-Class Activity Due
4/8 Lab Time

Get site ready for testing

Week 14 In-Class Activity Due
4/15 Draft of Final Project due

Usability Testing

On this day you need to bring:

  1. A Test Script (pg 221 figure 8.2) that you have all previously agreed upon.
  2. The specific Task List (what tasks are you going to ask the user to do?)
  3. A way of taking notes (consider something like figure 8.8 on pg 228)
  4. Enough Post-Session Surveys for your users (something like pg 220 figure 8.9)


Week 15 In-Class Activity Due

MEET IN Terrell 106

Final Presentations and Final Draft due

MEET IN Terrell 106

Before the event, please email the PowerPoint document to: ams.pullman.wsu-p@wsu.edu, or you can bring it on a disk or thumbdrive to load directly on the computer-- they are running Windows XP with Office 2003.

If you want to revise your portfolio or individual project, these will be due by NOON on Tuesday, April 29. NO LATE WORK ACCEPTED.